Tuesday Tidbits #93 There’s a Fine Line between Love and Hate with Technology!

What a week! Let me start with that it was a fun week with friends and family. (Seeing them was exactly what I needed!) We finally got some needed rain. But then I had a technology frenzy occur! More on that later.

Hello Friends and Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits! And Happy September!

Having a glass of wine with a friend and looking at this view was good for the soul.

Catching up with each other, laughing and reminiscing made us forget the troubling times around us. Do you see Lake Erie on the horizon? We were actually in New York close to the Pennsylvania border. We sat along a beautiful countryside with lovely vineyards all around.

A family gathering with my siblings was a delight!

The evening finished with a fire and my sister in laws homemade wine. Lots of laughs …and can I say she is making some fabulous wine! We had no problem forgetting about our troubling times. 😊

The autumn flowers are in abundance… thank goodness… as they bring such welcomed cheer!

Especially when my cell phone decided to go into a tail spin deep into the dark hole of space shortage. Aaaaaaaaa!! Nope… it wasn’t photos. All my photos are backed up in 3 different places. I also got rid of all those annoying attachments. Apps were offloaded. (a new way for me to keep an app that I don’t use all that often but not delete it.) So… what was the problem?

Well… let me tell you… do you see that light gray spot on the above bar graph? That’s called Other. “Other” can’t be easily deleted like photos and apps… it’s hidden caches etc. inside your phone. Even though this bar graph is from my iPad… my cell phone “Other” was close to 16 GB. Yuuuupppp… way more then photos, apps and system.

By Gosh… I was going to figure this out without heading to an Apple Store (I have no idea where there is one around here) or calling our sons! So I headed straight to Google. Lol!

I learned what “Other” was and how it’s pretty much not needed. It’s all your caches, settings preferences, and data etc. that I don’t even remember anymore so why should my phone? There are a multitude of You Tube videos about how to remove it. I found one that was easy to understand and I followed all the instructions! iCloud was my best friend… I did a iCloud Back Up of everything on my phone and then with a leap of faith… I hit factory reset! 😳😮

My leap of faith almost felt like I was close to the edge of throwing my phone away!

Then… it happened… “Other” shrunk to 3 GB and everything still remained on my phone. Yes, I had to reset a few things in settings… but my phone talked me through it.

Thank goodness for the the great You Tube video. I now have a phone that’s cooperating. And I can get back to taking photos!

❗️(… please do not follow my actual steps as there’s a few more. The You Tube Videos are extremely helpful!)❗️

And now that my phone was working and since my sister came to visit with my brothers. I can now share these beautiful dishes she gave me to add to our kitchen. Thank you sister-friend.

I love a clean kitchen and a table set for dinner. And how about that new hooked rug? Perfect for the kitchen and perfect for Fall!

Here’s to a new month… Please be good to us September.