I live in the desert for part of the year… but we still have beautiful water near us.

Lake Pleasant, AZ

I enjoy the desert with its wonderful cactus, mountains and back dusty trails. However, when we come across a body of water… no matter who we are with… we stop and pause to view the beauty that water beholds.That H2O just gets us every time! No matter where we are I seem to snap some shots of the wet stuff!

Rainbow Falls Hilo, Hawaii

Opaeka’a Falls, Kauai

Niagra Falls

Brandywine Falls in Sagamore Hills, Ohio

Our Falls in Anthem, AZ.

In the summer we live near two bodies of water.

Lake Erie is just 20 minutes north of us.

Then of course my most favorite lake where we live during the summer…

Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

I guess when it comes right down to it… that wonderful H2O grabs my heart each time.

Black Sand Beach Hawaii

La Jolla Beaches, California

Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

How about you? Do you love seeing that H2O wherever you go? If so, please share with us as my friend Ingrid at LiveLaughRV is hosting Wandering Wednesday and today’s theme is water! Check out her post as well.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

43 thoughts on “H2O

  1. Wonderful collection of water images. Don’t think I can pick a fave, but sunrise/sunset over the water gets me every time.

    1. Ingrid thanks for the motivation to do this! It was fun to go through my google photos and put this post together.

      I have to say… WordPress is making it easier for me! The WordPress App has become very easy to navigate! So Now I can post using my phone and from ANYWHERE! Love it!

  2. Love this beautiful collection! Yes, I love the water and have lived on a hammock surrounded by salt marsh a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean most of my life. When we travel, we always look for waterfront campsites whenever we can.

    1. It’s funny… living in the desert …we still see it. It’s amazing seeing a saguaro close to a lake. And it’s fun knowing my favorite lake is right out my back door here in Pennsylvania!

      Thanks for stopping by! You do know Ingrid and I will be after you to come to AZ in the winter so we can have a blogger meet up! 😊

      1. I would love to do that but I don’t think it’s the cards for me. We have several non RV trips planned and I just don’t think we would make a long RV trip like that any time soon.

      1. It is coming along slowly, but I am confident I will get back to doing the things I love. Thanks Nancy.

    1. I am going to check it out very soon. And I am not going to delete this. Many others will want to see your post as well!

      Thanks so much for stopping in!

      1. You’re too kind Nancy. I did want you to think I was ‘shamelessly’ self promoting 😂😂😂

    1. Thank you so much Judy for enjoying these captures! I really had fun doing this post.

      Thanks for stopping in… ❤️

  3. Water is a big draw whenever we are near. We have so many beautiful bodies of water here in our country from creeks to oceans. I love hiking with sound of water. You have many gorgeous photos:)

    1. I agree with you whole heartedly! Seeing Water just gives so many people… joy! And yes… the sound of water is wonderful. It’s why we have outdoor fountains.

      Thanks for the water love!

    1. Lucky you to have so much around you. We feel extremely happy living near the lake.

      I have to tell you… I really enjoyed your husband’s post about being a father on Father’s Day. Lovely tribute.

  4. Nancy I am very much drawn to the water. I grew up and currently live in a landlocked location so perhaps it is the yearning for the sea. You have so man ygorgeous photos of water. All lovely locations to enjoy the wonder of this world.

  5. Really great pictures….love bodies of water no matter where they are..variety is good and different types of shorelines keeps the different bodies of water intriguing from the rugged desert to sandy beaches! Great post!

  6. Oh, I feel like jumping into the water by looking at the images on your post! And I just returned from swimming! It’s really warm here, and I am sure in Arizona too. Pleasant Lake looks stunning!

    1. Pleasant Lake is fabulous! I am actually in Pennsylvania and live real close to another lake.

      I’m so glad you saw this post. I knew you could relate!

  7. Level Three Water Restrictions here in the high desert make these photos of yours all the more beautiful. A cool place to rest the eye before figuring out if it is my day to water what is left of my greenery. Thank you.

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