Summer in the Country

The rural landscapes of Pennsylvania and nearby Ohio are showing off their abundance of wildflowers and sunflowers. A ride in the country can delight us with these beautiful blossoms… along with beautiful barns, vineyards, churches, corn fields and covered bridges!

I made a scrapbook of the covered bridges we saw in Ashtabula County of Ohio. They are hidden away, on back country roads, just waiting for you to find them.

Getting out and exploring is what makes life an adventure! You never know what you are going to see!

Hope your summer is turning out to be an adventure for you!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

35 thoughts on “Summer in the Country

    1. I am so happy you got to see these. There are more and I need to discover them! There is a covered bridge and winery tour of this area. I have done pretty much of the tour with my gal pals, sister and my guy over the years.

      I am so glad you got to enjoy right along with me!

    1. I am so happy you got to see them! It’s so much fun coming up to one!

      Thank you for your sweet compliments! I sure do enjoy them! 😊

    1. Thank you so very much Amy! Aren’t they remarkable… covered bridges are such a treat to find when driving the back country roads!

    1. There are more to be had. They are so spread out that I need a few days to get to them All.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Thank you for enjoying them right along with me!

    1. Ashtabula County is proud of their covered bridges and they take very good care of them!

      Thank you for enjoying them right along with me!

  1. So pretty….I love covered bridges and yes, the Captain and I had to visit the bridges of madison county early on in our relationship. lovely post.

    1. Kari… so glad you stopped over! You and I need to chat over wine about the Bridges of Madison County!

      Thank you for the love!

  2. This post makes me want to hop in the car and go for a drive through the countryside! I love those covered bridges and barns. And the flowers, especially the sunflowers.

    1. Last year I started seeing more Sunflowers… now I am seeing fields and fields of them! Everywhere! I am amazed by how many people are planting them!!

      We went for a ride today and I think it will be a post for next Sunday! We went to The Chautauqua Institute! Gorgeous Victorian Cottages at Chautauqua Lake!

      Thank you for the country love!

  3. Looking forward to warmer weather over here Nancy. Also looking forward to my garden waking from its slumber 🙂 Gorgeous photos, as usual, and they’ve warmed me up this morning.

    1. Oh my… it’s winter for you. I bet it’s absolutely beautiful! I love your gardens!!

      Thank you for enjoying this post! Hugs!!

  4. Great photos Nancy! We are going to be taking a road trip this fall back to the Midwest to visit family and friends. Time permitting, I would like to find some of those covered bridges. Thanks!

    1. NorthEast Ohio in Ashtabula County is where you can find the covered bridge and Winery tour!

      I am so happy you enjoyed our country drive. Thank you so much!

  5. Covered bridges are STILL on my to do list! And I want to see some sunflowers before they are gone but these recent rains may have already smooshed them 🙁 Thanks for this lovely tour.

    1. The sunflowers are still standing …just saw a field yesterday. The covered bridges are always so fun to come upon! I am so glad you enjoyed!

    1. I am so appreciative of you taking the time to read my post and comment as well. Thank you for enjoying the coveted bridges and our country ride!! 😊

  6. Nancy I feel like I just walked through an art gallery or a little shop jammed with beautiful postcards. Such lovely images of an incredible summer. xo

    1. You know… there is reason I call you Sweet Sue and this is exactly why!
      You always share the sweetest comments! Thank you for your sunny disposition and the lovely compliments! 🤗🤗

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