A Christmas Tea

Christmas has found its way out to the She Shed.

When living in the Southwest … a Barbed Wire Wreath is a must! It hangs proudly along with the other Santa Wreath.

So come on in…

We are having tea.

There’s quite a bit of love in the above photo. The candle is from my daughter in love and son. The Santa is from my youngest son which he gave me many years ago! The Mexican ornaments are from my sister along with the Owl cookie cutter I used …to make the Owl Gingerbread cookies. The Santa glasses are from my neighbor. I am using them for the sugar and creamer. The Tartan plates remind us of all the Tartan Plaid at the LakeHouse. Oh, and don’t forget the Nut Horns… they remind Sweet Man of his Aunt Helen! She made these wonderful delicacies every Christmas.

Do you see the little sign I painted years ago as a reminder that I really do have a Blog! Two Trails One Road was Sweet Man’s idea for my Blog Name. I loved it from the get go. He also built my potting Shed!

Please pull up a chair… my potting bench has turned into a table. The homemade Christmas Cookies are delicious with the peppermint tea. It’s all quite tasty.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

We are all “a glow” that you did!

Merry Christmas from the Potting Shed … a.k.a …She Shed!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

24 thoughts on “A Christmas Tea

  1. Thank you for inviting me in, allowing me to look around, and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂 “Two trails become one road”: what an absolutely lovely sentiment!
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to y’alls,

  2. Your little She Shed is a delight to behold and I can see you and me enjoying a (long) chat over a cuppa there – one day, when our two trails meet on one road. Sending you some hugs, Nancy.

  3. So very lovely! Thank you for inviting us in and sharing your beautiful decorations.
    Delicious cookies. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Nancy!

  4. Nancy, I was unaware of your She Shed, but how lovely my visit was. I certainly hope to have one in the near future. Your Christmas Tea is filled with memories and I am very sentimental. Thanks for inviting me, and wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

  5. Lovely! You’re a lucky gal to have such a wonderful, cozy space. Best wishes for many more cups of tea in your She Shed in the coming year, and a very Merry Christmas to you and Sweet Man as well!

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