Winter Wonderland

We arrived at The LakeHouse and snow welcomed us!

It was beautiful and it put me in the spirit to decorate for Christmas!

Using the Evergreens in our backyard, the tartan napkins that my sister gave me and Christmas plates from the Dollar Store … the Christmas spirit came to the LakeHouse!

I also got out a small tree to decorate the sunroom. This one has special meaning to me. When my youngest son was in the 4th grade, the teacher asked for $5 for their Christmas project. A few weeks later this tree came back with his homemade cinnamon ornaments and lights on it. It had a place on our Kitchen table at Christmas for years. It moved to the LakeHouse and today I am going to give it to my son. Shhhhh… it’s a surprise!

The living room got a touch of Christmas as well!

After the little bit of decorating.. out to the snowy wilderness I went! Up the road… I saw those two evergreens. So off I trekked to get closer.

It was gorgeous to see the trees covered in snow and ice droplets. The quiet and the crunch of the snow… was priceless!

It was worth the trek! A quiet winter wonderland! All that was missing was a red cardinal! 😊

Later… a walk by the lake showed us that the Canadian Geese were stopping by before it became frozen.

The kids at the local elementary school were enjoying recess!

They were not the only ones playing! So was I!

Enjoy the moments that surround you and remember to find your Christmas Spirit!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

40 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. You certainly are in a winter wonderland! I love the story of the cinnamon Christmas ornaments. The ornaments our children and grandchildren made for us my favorites.

      1. He did love to see it again. He enjoyed it very much!

        Thanks for stopping in! It’s always good to hear from you.

  2. Now that is a beautiful winter wonderland! I am impressed that you decorated the lake house. Will you be spending Christmas or back to Arizona? I know your son will love the little memory tree. Your lake home looks festive and cozy!

  3. Christmas is a-coming! 🙂 Thanks for showing those wonderful pictures of a landscape we won’t see down here in southern Texas!
    Have a wonderful Advent-time,

  4. How lovely, Nancy. Both of your trees look amazing and what a heartwarming thing to do to give back to your son something he’d given to you. And all that snow has me very jealous indeed – we’re sweltering over here.

    1. It’s been a wonderful Christmas! …and it has not even happened yet!

      Thanks for enjoying!

      PS All that snow is gone. It all melted!

      1. A few days into December and Christmas is already wonderful – I love that – and I’m sure you’ll have more snow, just as we’ll have more heat. Time for watermelon and mangoes over here.

      2. I’ll head back to the desert for a little warm up!

        Thank you for coming over to enjoy our Winter Wonderland!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is a very white Christmas! Your lake house looks so festive, I love the centerpiece on your table especially! How far away is your lake house from your other home?

    1. Both our homes are about a few thousand miles apart. We live in Arizona and our LakeHouse is in Pennsylvania. We go to the LakeHouse around the Holidays to be with the kids. Then we go back in the summer.
      I am thrilled that you came over for a visit. Hugs! And thank you!

      1. oh wow, 2 very different climates for sure! We enjoy the differences in our 2 homes, one more formal in a city suburb, and the casual beach atmosphere on the coast, but they are less than 300 miles apart so it’s easy to go back and forth. Enjoy your snowy holidays!

      2. We did and now we are back in sunny AZ!
        By the way… I enjoy your posts when you show your different homes! 😊

  6. Oh the snow is so beautiful. Such a contrast to the desert. Hey, you and I have the same Christmas plates from the dollar store. Your Lakehouse certainly is a beauty. Have enjoyed visiting your gorgeous website this past year my dear Nancy. Thank you for sharing and may you and your family have just the best Merry Christmas this year.

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