Tuesday Tidbits #80 Glass-blown Goblets

Welcome In! It’s already Tuesday and it’s June!

With all the disheartening news out there… I hope when you come here for a visit that your mind can take a break from it all.

When coming down Mingus Mountain … I saw these Wild Irises all over the forest. They brought nothing but Joy to me when I saw them!

After seeing the Iris… I mentioned to Sweet Man that I wanted to go to Jerome, AZ since we were so close. Once an old mining town… Jerome has become a neat little mountain town full of artsy boutiques, gift shops and wineries.

You never know what you will come across in this fun town!

You see, Arizona has lifted their Stay at Home order a bit more. So with masks on we went into a few stores. I was happy to see that some stores had re-opened. I sure hope the other stores can open and stay in business.

After seeing this cool truck… I was on a mission to find the local Glass Blower. His name is Tracy Weisel and he makes beautiful glass creations. I purchased 2 glass goblets from him a few years ago but wanted two more to add to my set. After walking down the hill to his shop I saw a sign that said OPEN! And you know I was unbelievably thrilled when I walked in and saw him!

Here he is Tracy Weisel

Tracy was not blowing glass this day but was creating a casserole dish out of clay! We chatted with him while I looked over his glassware. I chose two more glass goblets to add to my others. He packaged them up and we were off. I was as happy as a clam!

One evening I had to set the outdoor bar for the two of us… but used all 4 goblets. And why not?

The wine was chilled… the evening temperature outdoors was perfect and our desert patio was open! I cut some Bougainvillea Flowers and placed them in one of the goblets. It’s nice to use what you have.

Al Fresco dining is always lovely but it’s even better with my New Goblets!

I chose colorful paper napkins, a yellow plate and a green charger on a straw placemat. Casual and fun! And the little added yellow lantana added a touch of freshness.

Even my Frog Wine topper made it out!

I really do love these goblets and am glad that he signs each and every one.

It sure is special when you can purchase something local and are able to meet the artist as well.

I wish you could have joined us for wine…

Hope this gives you a bit of inspiration the next time you share a bottle of wine with your love or with a friend.