Sunday Blessings for Us

There’s nothing more calming then waterfalls…

I come here on my walks …where I find peace and serenity.

And each day is different. The sky may be more blue or ducks may be sunning or families are fishing. Whatever the case, each time I come, I find a sense of calm which is highly needed during these uncertain times.

I hope you have a place where you can collect your thoughts and find a sense of calm. I am glad you came along to see my special spot.

And when I begin my return back home… it’s our special mountain that gives me strength. I thank God for my Sunday Blessings and I am happy to share them with you. Thank you for strolling along with me.

36 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings for Us

  1. Nancy, thank you for sharing your special places with us. I can see how it brings you peace and serenity. I love waterfalls but have to travel far to see one here. Instead, the beach or my garden are my special places.

    1. We all need a special place. Our gardens are another wonderful spot.
      Take care and Sunday Blessings to you my friend.

  2. Nothing better than a walk about with the sound of flowing water, the greenery and of course the gorgeous blue sky. Thank you for sharing dear Nancy. You stay safe and healthy and have a most excellent and peaceful Sunday.

  3. Nancy, thank you for sharing your beautiful walk with us. It is so scenic and looks like the perfect place to enjoy God’s beautiful world. Your photos are always stellar dear friend!

    1. I enjoy this spot very much and enjoy it even more so …in this Valley of the Sun HEAT!
      I am so glad you took a stroll with me. Thank you for your lovely visit.
      Sunday Blessings to you and Butch!

  4. As we have a waterfall in our creek only when it rains b=heavily and shortly after, we can’t get our calmness from there, but we have the beautiful garden with the birds and the deer, and that easily makes up for the sound of rushing water.

    1. Our gardens are truly the best place to be as well! However in the Phoenix heat I can only sit there in the morning and late evening.
      I’m so happy that you came and strolled along with me at our beautiful waterfalls here in town. Thank you!
      Wishing you Sunday Blessings my friend Pit.

      1. It’s basically the same here, Nancy. Usually it’s too hot to sit outside during the day. And often it’s too humid here in the mornings and evenings. But whenever we can we enjoy the garden.

  5. Nancy, thanks for taking us along on your Sunday walk. God has created so much beauty for us to enjoy and find peace if only for a few moments. Your photographs are always stunning! Happy Sunday, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you so much for coming on the stroll with me. I am always so glad to have you. Sunday Blessings to you sweet Shannon.

  6. That was such a relaxing and beautiful stroll! Waterfalls always take my breath away. And I love the mountains! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. It has been a sad weekend, month and year! So getting into nature really is a peaceful outlet for me.
      Let’s have a better week. Take care of yourself.

      1. So true, Nancy. I hope the week gets better for all of us. God bless you as you look for the calming positives that are surely there. Thanks again for sharing them.

    1. Thank you M.B.! And it’s especially needed now more then ever.

      I hope you have a place for calm to go too. Thank you for the visit. I sure do appreciate when you stop by.

  7. Such a beautiful relaxing place to wander through each day. I echo your sentiment about how the scene is the same, yet different every day! It always amazes me on my walks just how true that is. I find such peace as I walk as well. Many blessings to you Nancy 🙂

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