Tuesday Tidbits #79 Southwest Dip

Hello and Welcome In

For another edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

Most days in the Mid Afternoon we enjoy having a healthy appetizer. This dip works perfectly and can make enough for two afternoons.

It can be served with veggies or your favorite crackers.

It’s perfect for a small gathering of friends as well.

I sure hope you give it a try!

**Please note that the Ranch Seasoning & Salad Dressing Mix that I used was not the packet form. I buy it in bulk and it comes in a bottle. I use this seasoning for many things like wings and burgers etc.

**Note!! I used Dry Ranch Dressing Powder Mix that comes in a bottle. It’s in bulk form not a packet. **

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #79 Southwest Dip

  1. Good morning Nancy. The Southwest dip look delicious, I will be making this. How nice that you stop and enjoy a healthy snack in the afternoon. I sure hope you make it to PA soon. Take care and enjoy your week!

    1. This is quite tasty. I leave it on the island. We can grab a piece as we walk by or sit down with a plate of some.
      We hopefully will be headed soon to Pa. …God willing.
      Thanks always for your encouraging words! Happy Tuesday!

    1. Those healthy dippers are cut big so they can hold the dip.
      I like afternoon appetizers as then we are not starving for a big meal later in the day.
      I hope you give this a try.
      Happy Tuesday sweet Jenna!

  2. Pinned and wrote ingredients on my grocery week. I need a healthy snack like crazy, I feel hungry when I’m bored and even though I’ve been very disciplined so far, I need to indulge a bit.


  3. Some nights we don’t want a regular full meal if we have had a big lunch. This would be prefect for one of those evenings when we want something light but great tasting.

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