Tuesday Tidbits #79 Southwest Dip

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For another edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

Most days in the Mid Afternoon we enjoy having a healthy appetizer. This dip works perfectly and can make enough for two afternoons.

It can be served with veggies or your favorite crackers.

It’s perfect for a small gathering of friends as well.

I sure hope you give it a try!

**Please note that the Ranch Seasoning & Salad Dressing Mix that I used was not the packet form. I buy it in bulk and it comes in a bottle. I use this seasoning for many things like wings and burgers etc.

**Note!! I used Dry Ranch Dressing Powder Mix that comes in a bottle. It’s in bulk form not a packet. **

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #79 Southwest Dip

  1. Good morning Nancy. The Southwest dip look delicious, I will be making this. How nice that you stop and enjoy a healthy snack in the afternoon. I sure hope you make it to PA soon. Take care and enjoy your week!

    1. This is quite tasty. I leave it on the island. We can grab a piece as we walk by or sit down with a plate of some.
      We hopefully will be headed soon to Pa. …God willing.
      Thanks always for your encouraging words! Happy Tuesday!

    1. It’s quite tasty. We have enjoyed it a few times. Your veggies from your garden would go well with this dip.

    1. Those healthy dippers are cut big so they can hold the dip.
      I like afternoon appetizers as then we are not starving for a big meal later in the day.
      I hope you give this a try.
      Happy Tuesday sweet Jenna!

      1. It sounds easy to love. So generous of you to share your recipe! I hope you are doing well, Nancy.

      2. It’s easy to make as well! Hope you give it a try.
        And thank you… We are doing wonderful!

  2. Nance, this sounds yummy! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Pinned and wrote ingredients on my grocery week. I need a healthy snack like crazy, I feel hungry when I’m bored and even though I’ve been very disciplined so far, I need to indulge a bit.


  4. Some nights we don’t want a regular full meal if we have had a big lunch. This would be prefect for one of those evenings when we want something light but great tasting.

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