There’s just something about staying in a warm and cozy bed… especially when you are retired.

I am in an early morning exercise class 2 times a week and we enjoy early morning desert rides when living in AZ. Then here in Pennsylvania we have lots of outdoor DIY projects that, especially in this current summer’s heat, are better done early in the morning. So…on the mornings I don’t have to move quickly… a sunrise is hard for me to experience… because this girl is staying put! When I saw Wandering Wednesday theme was SUNRISE… I sighed… and said, “not many of those in my archives.” 😏

I picked up my iPhone and opened up my Google photos App and searched, Sunrise. Well, of course every glorious sunset in my past popped up! Then I saw a few sunrises. Yay! This was one of them…

The above beauty was from our kitchen window here at the LakeHouse! One morning I awoke to see a bright pink light in the kitchen. At first I was puzzled and then I looked out the window and saw the most colorful sunrise …ever!

Unforgettable… perhaps.

But not if you were having this conversation with our Arizona friends and Sweet Man.

One morning we ALL set our alarm clocks for O’Dark Thirty!(Which means it was in the wee hours of the morning and no one should be awake!)

We all climbed into our Jeeps and climbed our favorite mountain to view the Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon.

It was amazing! An experience we will never forget. We decided to stick around for the moon set.

We were all so focused on the moon set that we did not realize what was going on behind us! A colorful Arizona sunrise!

It’s amazing how that sky changed in minutes!

I have seen many a sunset and sunrise that were more beautiful and colorful. However… this one we witnessed all together on top of a mountain with the Lunar Eclipse! That my friends is…


How about you? Have you experienced any unforgettable sunrises?

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Until Next Time ~Nancy

PS The very first photo of this post is a sunrise from our hotel in Monument Valley. It ranks up there with unforgettable as well!