Tuesday Tidbits #37 A Summer Garden Tour

Welcome to our LakeHouse Gardens here at Tuesday Tidbits!

Our Spring flowers have given way to the Summertime Blooms.

The Black Eyed Susan’s, Daisies and Coneflowers have enjoyed the rain and heat.

Lilies are in full bloom! These Orange Double Lillie’s were planted by my mother 40+ years ago.

And when my red Lillies bloom… they make me smile…

A new flower that I planted in the Spring is just now blooming… Phlox! I’m glad it enjoys where I planted it.

And look at the Lime Lights! They are showing off!

Our gardens make the bees happy…

However, they make the Japanese Beetles happy too. They have devoured my yellow Buttercups. Grrr…! Here they are in happier times…

We not only have flowers growing nicely but Sweet Man’s tomatoes are coming in nicely as well.

Pretty soon we will be having tomato sandwiches!

These Hosta blooms are a deep purple and contrast well with the green foliage in the background.

They are near our back patio…

All these blooms make beautiful summer bouquets!

We just love our gardens here at the LakeHouse… and so do the frogs and bunnies.

Now can we have a drumroll please………………..

My first Zinnias have bloomed!

I planted 6 seed packets… many were eaten early on or later devoured by the dreaded Japanese Beetles. But I will have a few! Hallelujah!

I love Zinnias! I had a container garden of Zinnias in Arizona. You can see them at our Arizona Home.

How are your gardens doing? Are you struggling with Japanese Beetles, more so, this year? What’s blooming in your gardens? I would love to hear. Thanks so much for enjoying another Tuesday Tidbits…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #37 A Summer Garden Tour

  1. What beautiful gardens you have. I think this kind of environment can be so therapeutic. Your lovely photos were a treat to see this morning. Thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful day. ☺

    1. I am sooo happy you took a stroll with me through our cottage gardens! Thank you so much for your kind words! Stop back again!

    1. Oh lucky you! Yes gardening is therapeutic. However when the weeds become a jungle then it becomes anger management! Lol!

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely flower garden and those tomatoes will be delicious. I was recently in Duluth where they have some wonderful gardens and I was so excited to see a variety of Hosta’s. I haven’t seen Hosta’s in years and I’m loving all the flowers. 🌺🌻🌹

    1. It’s a different kind of landscape out here. We have several kinds of Hostas out here. They are easy to divide and make more. My sister has given me lots of different varieties!

      I see you are having fun in Wisconsin! I hope you come back to AZ!

      1. Oh trust me, I will definitely return to AZ to dry out 😆 But we’re having a great summer, much more so than we ever envisioned.

  3. Nancy, what a lovely stroll through your gorgeous gardens this morning! Coneflowers, daisies, lilies, limelights, zinnias, tomatoes, and all of the other beauties seem to be thriving. I am always amazed when you point out a bloom from a plant that your mother put in the ground forty years ago…AMAZING! The blooms on your hosta are the prettiest I have ever seen! Wishing you a most lovely day my friend!

    1. Pam I always am so happy to share my gardens with you. You have the most loveliest gardens and I think about you often when I garden. Thank you for strolling along with me. 😊

      1. Oh true! My grandma used to love when it was a weedy mess as she says she could see improvement quickly. Not sure I agree though

  4. Nancy I have plant envy. Every where you turn there are beautiful flowers….and bees. How sweet. I adore zinnias and I adore all your lovely gardens. Hugs and thanks for sharing so we can enjoy too.

  5. I love the gardens. Mom would be so proud of you and what you have done. I am proud of you..proud to call you my sister.

  6. So many gorgeous blooms! How wonderful to have so many flowers to enjoy in your garden and to cut for arrangements in your house! Impressive since that is your second home!

  7. Stunning gardens Nancy….love the summer flowers….so colorful! Congrats on the Zinnias….we use to have a large flower garden of them when we lived in Denver! They did really well there.

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