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When I was a young girl in elementary school we went on a field trip to the Birthplace of the Oil Industry. Who knew that in a small town called Titusville, Pennsylvania

…oil would be found!

Up until the 1850’s Whale Oil was used for heating and fuel for lamps.

Sperm Whale were being killed for its oil and were about to become extinct! Until Edwin L. Drake came to the small town of Titusville, Pa. where he and William A. Smith discovered oil in August of 1859. Drake hired Smith, a Salt Mine Well driller, to drill for oil.

This was the exact place they drilled… This log cabin structure was built to protect the drill from the elements.

The drill inside is something to see!

When the oil was found it was collected and transported in wooden barrels.

The Drake Well Museum and State Park do a wonderful job showcasing all that went into the beginning of this industry!

Admission Rates:

Adults $10.00. Seniors (65+ years) $8.00. Youth (3-11 years) $5.00. Ages 2 years & under Free.

Once admission is paid… head to the Museum.

Not only is there a fabulous movie to be seen about the Oil Revolution but there is much to see that made it all happen.

A map is given to you when you enter the grounds from the museum… so that you don’t miss out on all the displays. The grounds are covered with many different kinds of drills that took place in the area over many years.

It’s amazing to know that Titusville was once a booming town of Oil Barrons and Oil Drills.

A journalist living in the area began writing about the Oil Industry and the unfair practices of Standard Oil. Because of her writings …the Supreme Court decided to break the Oil Company’s monopoly. Her name was Ida Tarbell.

We visited her historical home.

Oil Creek runs through Titusville. Many flat bed boats transported the wooden barrels of oil on this Oil Creek.

The oil was transported via railroad as well. Here you see a rail bridge over Oil Creek.

I hope you enjoyed some Oil History. If anything… the whales are happy!

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  1. Nancy, what an interest history that you shared of the oil industry! Who would have ever guessed Titusville, PA? I am in awe of how much you get around to different areas to enjoy what they have to offer and then share with us. I certainly enjoyed reading and taking in all the photos.

    Wishing you a most wonderful Tuesday my friend!

    1. Pam… I felt the same way… who knew the Oil Industry started in Pennsylvania!

      Thank you for enjoying this post and for following along my lovely friend Pam!

    1. Me too!

      And amazed that this all happened in a small town in a Pennsylvania!

      Thank you for always stopping by!

      I have peach cobbler for you!

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