It’s Sunflower Season

Hello Friends! Welcome and Happy Sunday!

How do you feel when you see Sunflowers?

I told Sweet Man, just the other day, that sunflowers represent “happiness” to me.

Whenever I see Sunflowers… I stop everything… and take pictures!

Lots of them!

They bring me enormous joy! Especially in all their stages.

I love how their petals reach for the sky!

But most of all… I love how each one is different!

Sunflower Love! It’s contagious!

I’m so glad we strolled through these Sunflower Gardens together. Are they blooming in your neck of the woods?

Thanks for visiting!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

30 thoughts on “It’s Sunflower Season

  1. Beautiful sunflower captures and you are just as beautiful standing amongst them. My sunflowers are all gone now, but I am always captivated by their sunny, happy faces!

    Happy Sunday my friend!🌻🌻🌻

    1. Aren’t you the sweetest. I just had to show the joy that the sunflowers bring me. Lol!

      I remember your sunflowers… you had some gorgeous ones!

      Thank you for the love! Happy Sunday Pam!

  2. They certainly make the sun go up in your heart, don’t they? Years ago, when we were still living in Kranes City, we had a veritable “seasof sunflowers” in our garden [].

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