Tuesday Tidbits #40 Pennsylvania Fun

Here we are already… it’s Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by and checking out this week’s Tuesday Tidbits.

Our gardens are starting to wind down but there are still blooms to be had. The Strawberry Vanilla hydrangeas love it when it rains.

So do the roses!

I have a few Zinnias still blooming. Some survived the Japanese Beetles!

The lake is as beautiful as ever.

…and the ducks even enjoy boating!

We have so much mint growing in our gardens!

So when you have lots of mint… you make a Mint Julep in a fancy vintage green glass.

Yes… it was as good as it looks!

Then… it happened…

Our first tomato sandwich of the season! Yum! We are harvesting our own homegrown tomatoes.

When there aren’t any tomatoes to eat…

…we head to a new Brewery!

As you can see the new Riverside Brewery is still under construction on its patio. But the inside is up and brewing!

Maple Syrup Buckets for lighting.

Hefeweizen Beer and sweet potato fries with Maple Cream were ordered and enjoyed. Tasty delights!

The Brewery has a Maple Syrup influence. Pennsylvania is rich with Maple Syrup Sugar Houses!

And how about these for Growlers!

Let’s imagine a cold winter night sitting here by the fire!

A fun week here at Two Trails One Road.

Thanks for coming along with us. Would you drink Maple Beer? It was okay… I had a taste… not a favorite.

Happy Trails to you…

Until Next Time ~ Nancy

21 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #40 Pennsylvania Fun

  1. Yum! My favorite summer lunch is a tomato sandwich. Not so sure about Maple beer, though. I never knew Pennsylvania had maple syrup sugar houses. This post made me hungry!

    1. Yes… Pennsylvania has lots of Maple Syrup. And it’s quite delicious!

      Glad I got you hungry… how about a Tomato Sandwich!

      Thanks for stopping buy!

  2. Nancy, such lovely shots of your garden. I would love to take a walk through and see all of your beautiful blooms. Yum, tomato sandwiches are a summer staple. The new brewery with sweet potato fries…love them! I always look forward to your Tuesday Tidbits. Have a wonderful day my friend!

    1. And I always look forward to your visit!

      Those Sweet Potato Fries with the warm Maple Cream… outstanding!

      But the simple tomato sandwich… yum!

      Thank you for always stopping by!

  3. Your sandwich looks delicious. The brewery looks cute … love the décor and that fireplace looks inviting. I did not know PA produced maple syrup. Fun tidbit!

    1. Yes lots of Maple Syrup here! In fact we have a local favorite right down the road from us! I’ll bring some back to AZ. She makes Maple Cream toooooooo!

      Thanks for stopping by. It won’t be long …and you and I will be sitting out on the back patio in AZ!

      1. Yep! Looking forward to it. We have one more excursion coming up then visits from family and then we’ll be hitting the road west in mid September.

  4. A neighbor gave me one little sprig of mint that I planted in the dirt close to the driveway. Now it is trying to take over and no matter how much I pull up it comes back more abundantly.

    1. Yes it will invade. Many people plant it in containers. Mine is all from when my Mom planted it 40+ years ago. And for some reason it t is more abundant this year!

      Thanks fir stopping by LuLu!

  5. Your garden is beautiful and nothing beats a tomato sandwich from the garden. I have a ton of mint too and I’m thinking I’ll make mint chip ice cream with it

      1. I will definitely be writing about it if I do it! Just worried my mint may not survive my holiday.

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