Tuesday Tidbits #39 Mom’s Dishes

It’s Tuesday! Hello… and welcome to this week’s Tidbits.

As many of you know I like to share a tablescape here and there. I follow many accounts on Instagram and some very lovely blogs who do the same. So today I decided to use my Mom’s pretty dishes that my sister and I bought for her many years ago!

The roses on the plates are subtle but yet exquisite.

I wanted an informal table so I did not use a tablecloth. However as I went along… it began to take on a formal look.

The creamer and sugar bowl do not match the china but I had to use them. I bought these when I was 16! I had a Princess House Party and invited a few friends. It was kind of like a Hope Chest Party! I have a few other pieces from Princess House as well.

I purchased the runner at an antique store. I love vintage linens. And thought it would look great for this tablescape.

I even got my swan salts out…

As I strolled through my gardens… I didn’t have enough roses in bloom for a centerpiece so I decided to use hydrangeas with a single rose in the middle.

I chose the coffee pot that matches the china. Rose petals in a small bowl adds a bit of charm.

The Apple Salad is served in glass sherbets trimmed in ruby red glass.

The Apple Salad was quite simple to make. I diced 4 apples and tossed them in Strawberry Yogurt. Dried cranberries and walnuts were added as well. It came out quite delicious. I’m not an Apple Waldorf fan so this recipe was perfect.

Do you enjoy setting a lovely table for dinner?

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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31 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #39 Mom’s Dishes

    1. It was! Pulled Pork with Halushki and corn on the cob… harvested from a farm close by! It’s why I didn’t want it formal at first… but oh well! Lol!

      Thank you for the visit… next time I’ll save you a seat at the table.

    1. Come On Mr. Mark… I think you should surprise dear wife Karen with a fancy table for dinner.

      Thanks for stopping by and with such kind words. I’ll save seats for you and your dear wife next time, I promise.

  1. Since you are saving seats, please save hubby and me one!

    I love your elegant table with your mom’s lovely china and that runner is fabulous. The salad looks so pretty and I know it was delicious. Your hydrangeas with the center rose makes the perfect centerpiece. You hit a home run with this table, you are an excellent tablescaper my friend!

    1. You know… you are one of the best tablescape friends out there! So your compliment resonates with me!

      And I have lots of chairs and another leaf to put in the table… so come on over!

  2. Your table is lovely Nancy and the one rose mixed with the hydrangeas is so whimsical, it helps bring down the formality of those beautiful delicate dishes…wonderful memories here, of your mom and your Hope Chest party!

    1. Sweet memories! And how about that one single rose… it’s all I had at the time of publishing. Lol!

      I am so happy you popped over and enjoyed. 😊

  3. Fabulous, Nancy! You were into tablescape when you were only 16, amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful table setting with us. 🙂

  4. This looks straight out of a magazine! I think I’m going to put on my bucket list to attend one of your SPECTACULAR soirees. You are the decorating /hosting queen!!! I am so inspired by all you share. The combo of the colors with the hydrangeas with the roses is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Nancy this definitely is lifestyle magazine material. Have you ever thought of freelancing? Maybe that would take all the fun out of it. I have to say this really isn’t my ball park but I enjoy seeing your tablescapes here and on Instagram. I am always dazzled at your creativity.

  6. Beautiful, Nancy! It is fun making a pretty table isn’t it? I can feel the joy in each photo. 💕

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