Strawberry Season

Strawberries are in season here in Northwest Pennsylvania!

Bring them home and the possibilities are endless in the ways to eat this sweet, delicious delicacy!

Fresh right out of the bowl or add some whip cream!

How about a trifle! Large or small.

For Breakfast Anyone?

Perhaps on a Salad…

Chocolate Covered too!

A delicious tart is a tantalizer…

But my favorite is a Strawberry Pie!

Here’s the Recipe. It’s delicious and perfect for a summer picnic!

Enjoy! Thanks for the visit! What are you going to make with your Strawberries?

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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46 thoughts on “Strawberry Season

    1. What did you make with your Strawberries? Anything special? I enjoy them every way I can make them. And when they are fresh and local… you can’t beat it!

      Have a beautiful Sunday my friend!

  1. Here in Michigan it’s also strawberry season. We have picked at least 25 quarts so far. I have made strawberry shortcake, fruit salads, 9 pints of strawberry jam and have the rest in the freezer. We are also eating some right in the strawberry patch as we pick. Yumm! Will be picking more later today and probably every day this week. It’s now time to start sharing them with family and friends. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. I’ll be over for some pie..I am a great taste tester for anything..and close by..xoxoxo. By the way EVERYTHING looks scrumptious and deliciously executed.

  3. Oh yum! Those strawberry pancakes looks amazing. And of course, who doesn’t like a strawberry covered in chocolate? 😋

  4. Mmmmmm…..I’m so hungry right now! I love a good strawberry. The ones in stores just fail to make the grade. My husband and I recently went blueberry picking (Texas). We use those on everything (pretty much the same way as the strawberries). I added them to pancakes, rolled them in sausage patties, put them in protein drinks, on cereal….. Great sources of antioxidants and tasty too!


  5. strawberries are oh so scrumptious right now!!! All the ways you incorporate them into your recipes is making my mouth water! Thanks for sharing, Nancy 🙂

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