Tuesday Tidbits #32


Summer comes this week… Friday to be exact. I wonder if the rain will slow down?

It’s been a strange Spring here in Pennsylvania. We have never seen this much rain before. It has rained more …then the sun has shined. I sometimes wish we could develop a way to pipe some of this rain water to the Southwest.

Farmers in this area (Ohio has been hit the worse) have not been able to plant. Many, many corn fields are empty. The corn is suppose to be knee high by the 4th of July.

Because of the rain… It’s definitely lush here.

Oh my goodness… don’t blink but there were blue skies in the above picture!

The lushness is in our flower gardens as well…

Even though some flowers need sun to open up all the way.

…our roses are late this year.

…even the wild flowers in the forests are a bit late…

I will say, I do love the raindrops when captured…

I am happy that the rain has not slowed the bees down…

Or other bugs as a matter of fact…

So when we can’t get outside to work on projects or explore or kayak… we head to a favorite restaurant.

We shared our favorite… Muscles with a Louisiana Cajun Sauce… mmmm…!

This was our view… and blue skies returned…

When we leave this lovely spot we drive through the country… and we can’t pass the roadside stand when we see this…

Local Strawberries!

And of course, when you have Strawberries you must enjoy a yummy treat!

So Summertime We Are Ready For You!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

24 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #32

  1. Looks like all of that rain is creating quite the vibrant display! I was just visiting my Mom on the Canadian prairies where the crops are in but they were desperate for rain. About an inch fell when I was there so it was a huge relief. Hoping the farmers in Pennsylvania can get their fields planted soon.

    1. I think it might be too late for corn… but guess what… the sun is out while I type away to you! ☀️
      Yell Mom I’m thinking of her! Hope she is doing well! 🙏🏻

  2. Nancy, so many beautiful images that you captured. I love all of your flower shots, so pretty my friend. Our strawberry season has ended, now on to peaches my favorite. Happy Tuesday and I always look forward to your Tidbits!

  3. So green and beautiful! Nice shots! I don’t think I’ve ever had muscles (with or without cajun sauce). Sounds spicy. Maybe I’ll have to try that NEW taste some day! :o) Great post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. These actually are not too spicy… I think it’s a browned butter sauce… kind of like the kind Louisiana is famous for.

      I make them in a garlic wine sauce but these surpass in taste!

      Thank you for stopping by!😊

  4. I’ve made that same comment that we need to pipe the water from the east to the west. But there has been a lot of rain and cooler temps in many areas out west. It sure is a green country everywhere right now. The wildflowers are going crazy. Hope you have some warmer days ahead.

  5. Beautiful photos of nature!! The dew drops are stunning! And those strawberries- mmm they look soo perfect. They are so tasty right now! Thank you for sharing these lovely tidbits, Nancy!

    1. I really enjoy Tuesday Tidbits! I’m glad you do as well!
      Thank you for always stopping by with such lovely Words!

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