Tuesday Tidbits #86 Finding Comfort

Hello Friends and Welcome!

I’m so glad you are here. Please come and have a seat in our Sunroom. I even have tea ready.

Do you think I like red? This is where we sit in the mornings and evenings… if we are not enjoying our front porch or a fire out back. With Covid we are staying closer to home.

However, we did enjoy dinner out one evening at a local restaurant.

I was very pleased with the restaurant. There was hand sanitizer on each table, disposable menus and all the staff wore a mask. We did as well but since no one was in the area… we could enjoy the cold brew without one.

The lake is comforting in so many ways.

I love my purple kayak and get out on the lake as often as I can.

But just seeing the lake and taking in the views has such a calming effect.

Amish men fishing…

I can’t believe how high the Covid cases have risen in many states. It’s alarming. So much so that we had to cancel a trip to Texas because the Covid cases are quite high there. Once again we are concerned.

So taking walks down by the lake soothes my soul. Nature has good way of doing that.

Speaking of nature. The lilies are blooming. Summer is truly here when they bloom!

And of course I pick them and make bouquets! That larger milk bottle is from the Dairy of my childhood.

The lake has lots of beauty… it brings me and many others so much peace.

But yet sights like this whimsical raft and Ice Cone truck are what bring a smile. And for a brief moment the craziness our country is experiencing… just goes away.

Do you have a place to go to for comfort? Because I sure do!

Take care my friends… stay well. Our meetings here in BlogLand are special and I appreciate each and every one of you. Happy Tuesday!

47 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #86 Finding Comfort

    1. I think I am the only purple kayak on the Lake… at least for now.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the tea. It was nice that you stopped by.

      Enjoy your Tuesday, Chris.

  1. What a lovely, comforting post, Nancy. Thank you. I love your purple kayak and the Unicorn floatable. Your tea room is so welcoming. Much <3 flowing to you both. Xxx

      1. I know you’re both well from your blog post, but it felt polite to ask, as you had asked me….I think I need a cup of tea, a break and a lie-down. 😉

  2. I grew up on a lake, loved looking at it every day. I miss that now, haven’t lived on the lake since I was a kid. Sometimes, if I’m lucky I get to spend some time at mom and dad’s lake house in Alabama. Never want to leave when I’m there. I love my kayak there too, will be out every evening at least, looking for the sunset. Lake life is the best.

    1. We took this for granted when growing up. Not anymore. Love the lake life we have.
      Thank you for your visit. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Nancy, this is a gorgeous post from start to finish. Numbers are high here also and we all are standing in need of peace right now.

    The whimsical float and ice cream truck are fun and festive., I could use a little ice cream this morning 😂 Aren’t you cute having a good time at the restaurant!! I would certainly enjoy having tea in your beautiful sunroom and then a walk outside to view the stunning lilies would be perfect. The last photo captures peace and contentment! Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    1. I would love for you to visit me here and in AZ! One day, someday!

      You stay safe my friend! Sending well wishes to all of you.

      1. You’re most welcome, and I envy tou for your beautiful place and its surroundings. 🙂

  4. Nancy, what a fabulous sun room and that kayak is just perfect for you! Bright and cheery. Glad you are taking good care. I hope you remain safe and joyful.

      1. I am sorry. I use a special waterproof/float phone pouch that is attached to me. Camera does not come on board. Cell phone pics come out pretty good with the pouch. I love to swim but still wear a life vest.

  5. Happy Tuesday Nancy! It is wonderful to have a place in nature, and a comforting home to find peace of mind at. We are blessed. This is a strange summer, and maybe not the last one. I think we might have to re-think our habits and think closer to home in everything we do. My daughter was ill for several weeks, and I am fairly sure she had the virus (likely caught it at school just before her summer vacation started). She is out of the woods now, and I am starting to enjoy the summer more. We have been social distancing the whole time, and will continue doing it. We don’t even go to the grocery store, we just order food online. Our lilly’s are almost over bloomed, but still carry their last beauty with pride. Thank you for a beautiful post.

    1. Oh I was worried about your daughter. Children do get it… I’m glad she is doing better. You take care of yourself too.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

  6. There is nothing like a water view to make things seem right I the world… I love your purple kayak! Having lilies to pick is such a nice treat 💐 Cases are skipping in Alabama too…

    1. Stay safe Jenna!

      Your water views are beautiful my friend. There’s just something about the water.
      Happy Tuesday!

  7. I think a lot of us have a new appreciation for restaurants! My favorite color is purple so I love your kayak, but I love your use of red too. How fun!

    1. Thank you! I love the reds in our sunroom. And I’ve been to all the Kayak docks on the lake and I think I’m the only one with a purple kayak. I love it!

      Thanks for the visit and enjoy the rest of your week. 😊

  8. It’s definitely a beautiful day in your neighborhood, and a blessing that you are surrounded by all that gorgeous scenery as you spend more time at home. There is something very calming about water so thank you for sharing yours. 🙂

    1. Right now with all the anxiousness in our country… this lake is a comfort to me. Thank you for enjoying it right along with me! 😊 Enjoy your week!

  9. Nance, I adore the color red, and I think your sunroom is gorgeous! I would love to have a cup of tea and visit with you in this lovely room. I can also see why you find such comfort in the lake. It is both beautiful and calming. Our numbers are rising every day here so we are still staying home. It has been forever since we dined out or went shopping. I pray that this ends soon. Take care, and stay well, sweet friend!

    1. Thank you Shannon for your sweet words. I am glad you are staying put. It’s the best thing to do.

      Our numbers are low here… but everyday a few are added. Which makes me anxious.

      Prayers continue for our country. Enjoy your week my friend.

    1. I know you have seen this lovely lake. And now more then ever it is bringing me and others great comfort.

      You stay safe as well. Hugs!

  10. How wonderful that you have this slice of paradise to be with nature and its calming effects. the COVID numbers are unbelievable in some of the southern states. Hoping things will turn around soon. Till then stay safe and well. XO

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