Tuesday Tidbits #86 Finding Comfort

Hello Friends and Welcome!

I’m so glad you are here. Please come and have a seat in our Sunroom. I even have tea ready.

Do you think I like red? This is where we sit in the mornings and evenings… if we are not enjoying our front porch or a fire out back. With Covid we are staying closer to home.

However, we did enjoy dinner out one evening at a local restaurant.

I was very pleased with the restaurant. There was hand sanitizer on each table, disposable menus and all the staff wore a mask. We did as well but since no one was in the area… we could enjoy the cold brew without one.

The lake is comforting in so many ways.

I love my purple kayak and get out on the lake as often as I can.

But just seeing the lake and taking in the views has such a calming effect.

Amish men fishing…

I can’t believe how high the Covid cases have risen in many states. It’s alarming. So much so that we had to cancel a trip to Texas because the Covid cases are quite high there. Once again we are concerned.

So taking walks down by the lake soothes my soul. Nature has good way of doing that.

Speaking of nature. The lilies are blooming. Summer is truly here when they bloom!

And of course I pick them and make bouquets! That larger milk bottle is from the Dairy of my childhood.

The lake has lots of beauty… it brings me and many others so much peace.

But yet sights like this whimsical raft and Ice Cone truck are what bring a smile. And for a brief moment the craziness our country is experiencing… just goes away.

Do you have a place to go to for comfort? Because I sure do!

Take care my friends… stay well. Our meetings here in BlogLand are special and I appreciate each and every one of you. Happy Tuesday!