Tuesday Tidbits #87 It’s the Little Things

It’s Tuesday all ready. Can you believe it? Gosh this week went fast. So come on in. Welcome Everyone!

Would you care for some Zucchini Bread?

All sliced up at our Kitchen Counter. As you can see… I store our tomatoes in the window and always have basil in water. I also have mint and spearmint in the Rooster Jug. I enjoy minted water.

Zucchini is in abundance now. So I found this recipe on Pinterest from… Cookies and Cups . I changed it up just a bit by adding a 1 1/4 cup of packed grated zucchini and less mini chocolate chips. She asked for 1 cup of chips but I used a 1/2 cup. It is as delicious as it looks!


This week may have gone by fast as we took a few rides into the country and went antiquing in a few country towns along the way. We even enjoyed Ice Cream from a roadside place called Strawberry Delight . Oh my goodness it was some of the best ice cream we have had in a while. And quite affordable! Such a darling little place. I didn’t take a picture of my hot fudge sundae, sorry!

However, I did take a picture of Franklin, Pennsylvania’s town fountain.

And it may not be a hot fudge sundae but on the way home we found this stream. It was a hot day so seeing this in the woods was very cooling.

And right across the road from this stream was such a beautiful sight!

A beautiful monarch caterpillar enjoying a meal of milkweed.

Back home the hostas are blooming in our gardens. You know it’s summertime when they bloom.

I’m happy to see the bees enjoying their blooms.

The bees can be found on the coneflowers as well.

And take a look at our hydrangeas… oh, how I love them!

The veggie garden is starting to produce…

We are looking forward to tomatoes!

Of course I can’t end this post without a look at the lake. If you look way out in the middle you will see someone swimming the length of the lake.

Finding pretty spots on the lake makes me smile.

Not much more going on with sweet man and I but enjoying the little things is what is helping us get through this crazy time.

Thank you for the visit and I hope you can make the Zucchini Bread.

Hope you are enjoying the little things as well…

35 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #87 It’s the Little Things

  1. Nancy, your Tuesday Tidbits are wonderful! I appreciate the joy and beauty you spread! The statute is gorgeous!

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

    1. Good Morning! ☀️
      This Zucchini Bread recipe is quite easy and delicious. In fact, I am going to eat some with my coffee out on the front porch very soon!
      Thanks so much for enjoying my Tuesday Tidbits. It’s fun to sit down and share what we did during our week. Even if it’s the little things. 😊
      Have a beautiful week my friend!

    1. Hello Jane! Thank you so much for your lovely words. I enjoy sharing… even if it’s the little things.
      Enjoy your week my friend!

  2. Good morning, Nancy. I always look forward to Tuesday Tidbits! Starting off your post with the beautiful kitchen and window vignette speaks of a lovely and loving home. My zucchini bread has yet to arrive, I have never eaten it with chocolate chips. I am amazed at your garden, so healthy and vibrant. The hosta blooms are so pretty as are the coneflowers. I love seeing bees and butterflies buzzing and flitting around. You and Sweet Man always find wonderful places to visit. Thank you for a lovely start to this Tuesday my friend!

    1. Good Morning Pam. ☀️

      Your zucchini bread didn’t make it yet?? I better go track that package. 😆😳

      I’m always so happy to hear your kind, sweet words. Have a lovely Tuesday Pam.

    1. I hear you! I love it too. I’ve not been watching my carbs as of late but I have been walking etc.
      I just can’t go a whole summer without Zucchini Bread and a Hot Fudge Sundae at a pull up Ice Cream Stand. I could give you more excuses. 😃
      Happy Tuesday my friend!

  3. Life is all about the little things, thanks for the uplifting post full of lake views, nature and beautiful blooms! Guess what, I just made zucchini bread too, but mine has cheese instead of chocolate…posting tomorrow! Is that your house and garden in the second to last pic? Beautiful!!

    1. Oh Jenna I can’t wait to see your Zucchini Bread recipe! Thank you for all the love today.
      And no, that is a friend of mines who owns that pretty house and gardens.

      Happy Tuesday Jenna!

  4. Your Zucchini Bread looks so yummy and I’m laughing at the thought of us eating zucchini on the same day. We had Zucchini Slice for our dinner last night, it’s a savoury slice like an impossible quiche – throw everything in, mix, and bake.

  5. I look forward to Tuesdays with you Nancy! I’m happy to hear you are both doing well. And look at these beautiful pictures! Are these with your phone camera? I know you were bummed about leaving your camera behind. These shots look great! Take good care friend!

    1. Good Morning Sandra. I’m so glad you enjoy Tuesdays here at TwoTrailsOneRoad!

      Yes these captures are taken with my cell phone. I do miss my regular camera but I use that mostly for zoom shots. I may look into getting a camera to have here at the house and for it to stay here. We shall see.

      Take good care Sandra and stay safe.

  6. What beautiful pictures Nancy! You brought back so many memories with the zucchini bread. I use to make 30 – 35 loaves a year and freeze them. My daughters friends, family and my friends would beg me to have a loaf thawed and ready to eat when they were here. I even bought 4 pans just for the zucchini bread so I could bake more at one time. I had to stop making so much because we buy a side of beef and I didn’t have enough room for all that bread…lol

    1. Oh that is lots of zucchini bread… but having good beef is fabulous too.
      Glad you had some sweet memories today Diane.
      Have a wonderful day!

  7. So many marvellous little things Nancy! The zucchini bread looks wonderful, I may have to make some. I have zucchinis in my garden now, and the tomatoes looks like yours (so hopefully soon.) I was out picking blueberries all day yesterday. I was looking for cloudberries, but found only millions of cloudberry leaves, and settled for blueberries. Not too bad 🙂 The summer is such a delight. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed! Hope you make the zucchini bread… it’s delish!
      Thanks so much for the visit! ☺️

    1. Hello my Nevada Friend!
      The zucchini bread is going to be made again today. It’s that easy and that good.
      Our flowers are doing very well this year! They must like the sun and heat.
      Thank you for the visit!
      Stay cool… 😊

  8. I love the pictures of the flowers and your captures of a beautiful lake and the surrounding beauty of nature! Enjoy and stay well! Have a great week!

    1. Hi Kirt! So good to hear from you buddy! Glad all is well and that you enjoyed our Pennsylvania!
      Stay safe… 😊

  9. I am glad you are enjoying your time in Pennsylvania. I think you have the right attitude to get out and do what you can in spite of the pandemic. Your pictures are beautiful, and I am sure the zucchini bread is as delicious as it looks. Here’s to more adventures!

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