Apache Trail

We started out at Apache Junction.

We stopped at the Antique Stores there and then we were off.

A bit of history…

The Apache Trail was a Stage Coach Trail that went through the Superstition Mountains.

This trail was named after the Apache Indians.

Starting at Apache Junction and ending at Theodore Roosevelt Lake… Apache Trail goes through the Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Forest. It is known for being the most scenic trail… and I do agree!

We did not have our 4 wheel drive and we were able to do the whole trail. There are some hair pin turns and it has a washboard road most of the way… but just take it slow and You Will Be Fine!

You need lots of time to complete the trail so start out in the early morning.

Beautiful views!

Apache Trail 044

Apache Trail 073

Apache Trail 2 002

Apache Trail 2 008

Apache Trail 2 012

When you get to Tortilla Flats… STOP and enjoy! Get yourself some Gelato. I had the Prickly Pear Gelato which was delicious! Walk around and enjoy…

Apache Trail 2 016

My Prickly Pear Gelato at Tortilla Flat.

Iphone Pics 076

I did see one of these… but only one.

Apache Trail 2 027

Apache Trail 2 028

Apache Trail 2 050

Apache Trail 054

Apache Trail 2 074

Apache Trail 2 091

Indian Ruins will be seen if you stop. We ate our picnic dinner here and then climbed up to see the ruins.

Apache Trail 2 103

Apache Trail 2 094

Apache Trail 2 065

Make it a must… to ride The Apache Trail… an amazing drive with beautiful views.


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