Sunflower Planted by a Bird

Here is the Sunflower in all its glory!  This sunflower sprouted in the strangest of places.

Yes, this is the same flower! Here it is loving it’s little spot between the house wall and front walkway. A little patch of ground but just enough for this sunflower. It survived being eaten by a bird and now it survived in this little spot. It’s not real tall as the bird planted it when the days are not quite long enough with full sun.

Inquiring minds want to know…

What version do you like better? Yesterday’s black and white?  Today’s color shot? Or both?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

32 thoughts on “Sunflower Planted by a Bird

  1. I have bird planted sunflowers in Ohio. They turn out so beautiful, even more so than the ones I try to plant good job on photos.

  2. I like the B&W because it is more mysterious, more dynamic, and more representative of flowers in general — it’s not just another sunflower when it’s in B&W.

    1. I am leaning toward the black and white as well… only because so many dynamics of the flower pop in black and white.
      And a friend said this… isn’t nature wonderful on how determined it is to survive! Thnaks for participating!

  3. Well I had to go for that vivid yellow, especially since I’m surrounded by snow and winter monochromes here in Minnesota. I loved seeing that pop of sun embedded in the concrete. And a big YAY for your first poll. What fun!

  4. I like both versions. They both have things to like about them. I had sunflower sprout up in one of the containers on my balcony garden, also from a bird. It was a funny, gap-toothed looking thing, not as pretty as yours. :))

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