Can A Sunflower Be Monochromatic??

What do you think? Pretty cool! Look at the center… Does it look like a Spirograph Design? Oh, what fun I had making doodles with that design toy when I was a kid.

Tomorrow I will show you the color version.

Post and photo done from my iPhone 5s .

Happy Monday!

Until Next Time. ~Nancy

30 thoughts on “Can A Sunflower Be Monochromatic??

  1. Very unique. I look forward to the color shot to compare it to. With all the rain you’ve been getting, I’m thinking it’ll be a stellar wildflower season this spring. Oh what fun that’ll be!

    1. Oh, the desert is very green! And I planted a rose yesterday and how easy it was to dig in the ground!
      But all week we have sun so rain is gone for now. I am going to send you some texts of some shed pictures! Stay tuned!

      1. Oddly enough, this morning it is overcast and pleasantly cool. It has been very hot and there have been a lot of bushfires close by – but we’re safe and not in (or near) any danger.

    1. I know! I didn’t see it until I changed it to black and white.
      As for the Spirograph I am buying one for the grandchildren for their next birthday!

  2. It really does make a great B&W!! A lot of stunning flowers make great monochrome shots…picks up contrast and details in shape lost to the visual impact of color…again…great shot!!

    1. Oh Kirt… thank you for your kind words. I am so happy that you got to see it in the black and white!
      How fun to even have a sunflower growing in JANUARY!

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