Tuesday Tidbits #48 The Pacific Northwest

A quick trip to the Seattle, Washington area brought us more fall color but it also brought us rain.

I do need to remember this area of the Pacific Northwest is a rainforest.

There is lots of green.

Deep forests…

…with tall trees…

And lots of leaves…

The Maple leaves are huge!

But so are the mountains!

The Pacific Northwest is known for its beauty!

Like Snoqualmie Falls…

Sammamish Lake…

Foggy Mornings…

But it also has the best Pumpkin Beer!

We are always happy to have you come along with us. And we enjoy your gracious comments. Thank you for enjoying another Tuesday Tidbits.

Until Next Time~ Nancy

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #48 The Pacific Northwest

    1. It’s a gorgeous area! So much to see. The fall leaves were beautiful but oh, the work they have removing all those huge leaves from their yards.

      Thank you for the visit! 😊

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