Tuesday Tidbits #118 ~Hello Again

Hello… It’s Me… and a late edition of Tuesday Tidbits!

I took a longer break then I expected. But so much was happening all at one time over here at Two Trails One Road that I wanted to enjoy every minute of it! I missed quite a bit from all of you and I hope to catch up with you very soon.

Spring has Sprung! Our tree was filled with these small blossoms and bees!
Bees and blossoms!

There were lots of visits from out of town guests, adventures, and our kids came in for a visit as well. Fun, fun, fun was had!

We took them to a higher elevation…
The kids got to experience snow in the Arizona Mountains!

After the snow settled down we headed over to my favorite area on the ride.

Would have been prettier with our Arizona Blue Skies…

An adventure into the desert found us looking at migrating Turkey Vultures. Hundreds upon hundreds of circling Turkey Vultures!

We have never seen these many vultures at one time!

That evening we saw a beautiful sunset…

A Sedona trip for the kids was planned! The place never disappoints!

Sedona Red Rocks!

Fun sights along the way in Sedona…

That’s a lot of spark plugs!
A large Buffalo sighting… made out of metal!
Interesting Totems!
The Pink Jeep Tours were out in full force! There were even three behind me!
The Love of my Life!
Two Arches were found…
Even a bit of Sedona snow!

Thank you all for waiting for me… I sure do appreciate it! I will be catching up with all of you real soon.