It’s Great to be Back ~Tuesday Tidbits #97

Hello Everyone! Can you believe October is almost here! Is it wrong of me to be glad that time is going by so fast during this crazy time? I don’t think so… and ya know what… it is okay because October is my birthday month.

I’ve been waking up early and getting my walk in before it heats up. These morning sunrises greet me as soon as I turn the corner.

And the early sunlight casts a pretty glow on the landscape as well as the church.

Back at home… I sit out in our backyard and listen to Bird Song and the fountain trickling. It’s always good to be… Home Sweet Home!

We can sit for hours watching the hummingbirds fight over their territory. Do they ever rest?

When we arrive back here at our Arizona home… the first thing I want to do is decorate for Fall. After that is done… I can focus better on what needs to be accomplished outside in the gardens and inside our home.

Cozy and comfortable is what I always try to achieve.

And even the outside gets a few touches! Love our potting shed… aka the She Shed!

It’s Autumn here at our house, thankfully. Because here in the valley of the sun you would not know it’s Autumn as we do not have trees with brightly colored fall leaves… but we know it’s Fall when the prickly pear is adorned with its brightly colored fruit.

And when we want to see some fall color… we head North to a higher elevation. There’s lots of color to be had!

Have you been enjoying Fall? Are you seeing any fall color? Do you partake in everything Pumpkin Spice?

I’m not fond of lots of Pumpkin Spice… but I will enjoy one or two Pumpkin Martinis (for the whole season) in my Pumpkin glasses!

Thanks so much for stopping in. And now that I am feeling more settled and at home… I’ll be getting caught up with all of you.