Tuesday Tidbits #133 ~Beach Time

You probably think we went to the Caribbean this past week. But no, we drove 45 minutes north east into New York State and went to a beach on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie

It was a gorgeous day. The sky and the water were a beautiful blue!
The hot weather brought some to the beach. We saw many looking for Sea Glass.

Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes here in the USA. It’s the warmest and most shallow. It borders Canada, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Is it Hot Where You Live?

How are you staying cool? It’s been HOT! I’m happy we have central air here at the LakeHouse but it’s the best time to get my kayak out on the lake!

She’s called “Summer Lovin’ !” We are part of the purple kayak club!

This last time when she and I went out… we did nothing but relax!

Easy Meals

When it’s hot and I’m out on the lake for most of the day… I need an easy meal. (Especially after I have been relaxing!) I found this recipe in a magazine called Small Space Edible Gardens from the Dollar Store. I changed it up just a bit. Instead of sugar snap peas I just used frozen peas. I also added chopped baked chicken and omitted the red pepper flakes.

This was delicious! Please click on picture to make bigger.

If you love fresh ingredients coming from your garden or the roadside produce stand …this dinner is for you!


Thank you So Much!

Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit. I will leave you with a collage of the roses and veggies growing in the garden.

30 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #133 ~Beach Time

  1. New York is so big we have two Great Lakes, Nance. Our here in the central part of the state is Lake Ontario, Lovely in the summer, a big snow maker in the winter, just like Lake Erie is for the folks in Buffalo. Thanks for the great photos from the west end of Lake Erie!

  2. Nancy, the beach on Lake Erie looks heavenly and almost deserted. I understand our Alabama beaches are packed, I guess people are so excited to be out and about. I do love your purple kayak. You would be easy to spot on your lake. Lake life must be wonderful…the linguine dish looks delicious!

    Happy Tuesday dear one!

    1. Hello Pam! It was midweek when we went to visit the beach and it is also a hidden gem. It’s not a real sandy beach but lots of beautiful tumbled rock and beach glass.
      Yes… I love my purple kayak tooooo!
      The linguine was delicious!
      Have a beautiful week, Pam!

  3. Fast, easy, cool dinners are perfect summer food — done on the grill and with a minimum of heat in the house! We don’t have or need air at the cottage so heating up the stove is usually best at breakfast or for something you must have, like corn on the cob! It looks wonderful out there on the lake!

  4. Warming up when it’s cold is one thing, trying to cool down is another, and as hot as it can get here, it doesn’t compete with the heat bubble some are experiencing in North America at the moment. Stay cool and out of the heat.

    It looks like your feet are nice and cool by the way, and I can just imagine you laying back on the kayak while your sweet man does the rowing 😂 🥰

    1. Staying cool for sure Clare!
      And you are imagining correctly… I enjoy laying back on my kayak!
      Have a beautiful week my friend!

  5. How nice to have a beachy getaway so close by! The linguini sounds wonderful, my favorite type of meal, easy! Love your purple kayak, summer’s in full swing for sure. We’re on the coast with one eye on Hurricane Elsa, awfully early in the season to be worried about hurricanes… Have a wonderful 4th!

  6. A day spent relaxing in a purple kayak on a wonderful lake then having that pasta dinner, sounds like pure bliss.

  7. What a wonderful way to enjoy the lake! We used to sail our 41 foot sailboat on Lake Erie and all the way up through the Welland Canal to Lake Ontario. I am glad you were able to get up there to the lake and to get out on the kayaks, too! Talk about hot…so hot and humid here in central Florida. I really don’t like summertime in Florida, but this is where we live now, so thank goodness there is plenty of air conditioning!

  8. The beach scenes really do look like you had hopped a plane or ocean cruise. The recipe looks yummy too. We had a record breaking week of hot temps but now things are thankfully moderating.

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