Whoooo That?

The other day while watering some of my flowers… I heard a Woodpecker going nuts in our big tree. I looked up …and there up in the tree was what all the fuss was about… Peeking down at me… was one of our backyard owls.

He was resting after his long night out on the town…

We have great horned owls that hoot in the wee hours of the morning which I just love!

But when we get to see them in the daylight hours…it’s a real treat!

They sometimes start their evening prowl up on our roof…

Or I see them lurking in the trees…

They are very special to us!

Here, in the next photo, he is quite tired of hearing the Woodpecker squawk at him! See how his ears are down…

Whatever the case… we adore our Owls! Sleeping or not Sleeping…

They are mysterious and yet so beautiful.

I appreciate you reading and enjoying our owls. Do you have owls in your neck of the woods?

Until Next Time ~Nancy

47 thoughts on “Whoooo That?

  1. Yes, Nancy we do have owls. Particularly, Burrowing owls which are a protected species. They live in burrows dug into the ground and are very small. Like about 8 inches tall. They are so cute and can be seen at any time of day. They are not afraid of people as their burrows are marked by little white crosses (perches) that have been put up by environmentalists. The only issue is, many times lots which have been vacant have little burrows on them. So, when a builder is ready to build, he can not disturb the nests during nesting season. There have been fines and jail sentences for messing with these little guys. Thanks for sharing your beautiful owls. Hugs my friend.

    1. Thank you for sharing about your Burrowing Owls! I have seen one or two but with Owl Rescuers. Thanks for enjoying our backyard owl.

      But I must ask… how was your Kansas City Ball Game? I sure hope they won! 🤗

  2. Your owl photos are amazing! It is so hard to see them in the day much less get good photos. Thanks for sharing! We have one that shows up on a tree down the street from our house from time to time. I finally saw him last week early in the morning.

    1. They are very good at hiding. As they are the same color of the tree trunk. I would have not known he was there unless it wasn’t for squawky!

      I am glad you have one in your neighborhood! They are fun to spot.

  3. Great shots! We nearly always have an owl around here, very close by the house sometimes, but we have never seen it let alone been able to take pictures of it.

    1. They are fascinating and mysterious! We just love them and their hooting at night. And when we get a glimpse of them during the day… what a treat!

      Thank you for the visit my friend!

  4. These captures are amazing, Nancy! I have never seen one. It must be challenging to photo them since they are good at hiding. 🙂

    1. It’s the darn leaves that get in the way! But every once in a while they peek out to see what I am up too!

      Thank you for enjoying!

    1. Yes… I feel very lucky!

      Thanks so much for the visit… You have so much to attend to with the building and all!

      Be careful out there on the fence line!

  5. Yes, we have owls but we have never been able to capture them with our camera! These are amazing shots, Nancy. I showed your post to my hubby and he enjoyed it very much! Have a wonderful week my friend!

    1. I am thrilled he got to see these pictures. My LUMIX does a great job once I can get the focus off the leaves. Lol!

      They are mysterious and beautiful! Thanks for enjoying them right along with me!

    1. He really could have cared less of me. I was literally under the tree.

      Thank you for always stopping by with such kind words!

  6. Oh, Nancy! I love, love love this post! Your photos are beautiful! We have owls, but I never seem to see them this well. I do hear the Barred Owl though, and the Screech Owl. This is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  7. Such incredible photos Nancy! To think this is in your backyard is amazing. I love the photo where thenowl’s ears are down blocking out the woodpecker. Enough is enough! 🙂

    1. There are so many handsome fellows and gorgeous beauties out there. I am sure it will happen for you one day.

      Thank you for stopping in!

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