Tuesday Tidbits #185 Say Hello to August

It’s August

These are when the hot sizzling days slowly fade into cool refreshing evenings. Perfect for backyard campfires, s’mores, and spotting how many fireflies dot the night landscape.

Last Hurrah

For most of us August is the last Hurrah of Summer. Many of us are still enjoying pool splashes, lake swims, ocean surf walks and summer boating.

Walks along Lake Erie.
At the beach here at Edinboro Lake.
We enjoy our pontoon.

School Time!

For some… August means walks down numerous School Supply Aisles for all things needed for school. The kids must be so happy to still be able to just go to a real classroom and not have to Zoom.

Summer is Still On

There are still lots of garden strolls, nature/lakeside walks, outdoor ice cream spots, flowers and sunsets/sunrises to enjoy!

A walking path by the lake.
Coneflowers by the lake.
Red Lily
Pink Phlox
Perfect chairs to view the lake.
Another lovely little cottage by the lake.
Mmmm… mmmm… Root beer Float!
Sunrise from our kitchen window.

The Coolness of Indoors

Outside adventures can sometimes be stalled by the sultry heat of the Dog Days of August. The coolness of indoor air conditioning helps us enjoy some creativity. I enjoy making new recipes, crafting, painting and journaling.

I painted the glassware with fun summer daisies. I added candles to create ambiance on the potting bench.
I baked peaches and followed a recipe from Half Baked Harvest.
Here the warm vanilla bourbon butter sauce is poured over the peach making it even more delicious!

Thanks So Much

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Whatever you have planned… make every summer day count.

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #185 Say Hello to August

  1. The truly handsome cottages at your lake always make me smile, and the lake looks like residents are having a good summer. I’ve never baked peaches, but I did make a peach pie over the weekend. Fresh fruit is always a treat. I love, love, love that root beer float, and I hope it tasted as good as it looks. Happy August!

    1. That root beer float was delicious!
      The baked peaches were easy and delicious. They were baked with the skin and pit. Sooooo good!
      It is a joy to see in the last few years… people want to reside here on Lakeside again and are fixing up the houses and cottages. I’m amazed how much people are paying for these places as well!
      Thanks for the visit dear Judy.
      Happy August!

  2. Happy Tuesday Nancy! Lovely photos of your beautiful lake life. That is quite a root beer float! August is not my favorite month as it means summer is almost over and my grands go back to school next week! Those baked peaches sound amazing…and there’s nothing better than a boat ride on a beautiful summer day!

  3. Happy Tuesday, Nancy. The photo of the scene at Edinboro Lake looks like and impressionistic painting, gorgeous. I love seeing and reading about your lake living. The baked peaches look delicious and your potting bench is perfectly styled for summer including your daisy paintings on glass. This year is whizzing by and before we turn around it will be Christmas. Enjoy your wonderful days at the lake!

    1. I saw too many Christmas in July posts on IG and I just shrieked!
      Thanks for all the love! Try those Baked Peaches… very easy and sooooo good!
      Happy August my Alabama Friend!

    1. I have to say Tim… I tried to edit it that way to give it the classic look of an old post card. Good eye my friend!
      Happy August!

  4. Nancy, thanks for help g me cool off this morning with your lovely lake photos. It’s still HOT and humid here. Our cool weather will arrive in about October 😁 happy Tuesday!

    1. Oh Beth… I hope it cools off for you soon… in the meantime… make yourself a root beer float. Lol!
      Happy August dear friend!

  5. It’s absolutely idyllic. September is my favorite month at the lake here. Often a bit too chill to swim unless I’m feeling especially hardy but quiet and gorgeous for walks or (if we had a boat) boating! I love your potting bench and oh, the photos of food and flowers are divine.

    1. Hello Jeanie! So good to hear from you. Yes… we love our quiet lakes. This one here gets quite busy on the weekends so during the week is the best time to kayak or boat.
      Happy August my friend!

  6. Happy Tuesday, Nancy! You have captured the beautiful essence of summer perfectly! The sunrise and blooms are so pretty. The peaches look yummy! Enjoy these last weeks of summer, dear friend!

  7. So restful and peaceful my dear friend, thank you for sharing. I am sad to see summer whiz by, but also happy for a new season as School

    Your water pics are always teasing us with “what could be” and I am so happy when you share your walks with us. We are virtually there with you laughing and having fun.

  8. Tuesday again, already? August again, already? Where has the time gone? Your pictures are lovely as always. I am not a big root beer person, but I can make an exception for a root beer float. That one looks delicious. Have a great week and enjoy your indoor and outdoor activities!

    1. I’m the same way about root beer… but when you add ice cream, mmmm…delicious! My Mom always made me root beer floats for an evening of watching tv with popcorn. Then she made the floats for my boys when we came in for a visit… priceless memories!

      Thanks for stopping by… and because these days, weeks, months, years are going by so quick… enjoy every minute and make each of them count!

      Happy August my friend!

      1. Oh, Nancy. I just love the memory you shared about root beer floats and your mom. It is so interesting how memories of foods, especially from our childhoods, become woven into who we are!

  9. Where do the weeks go? I’ve noticed the days getting shorter again and the air a bit cooler in the mornings. Beautiful photos of August Nancy. Yum to that root beer float.

    1. I’ve noticed it as well… can we slow down summer just a bit??
      Hello to you sweet Sue… may your Sumner Days stay fun and safe! Hugs!

  10. I was caught up in the fond fragrance of a new box of crayons and freshly sharpened pencils until I saw the root-beer float from the White Turkey! Snapped me right out of my back to school day-dreaming. 🤣 Hugs to you for the reminder we are still to be celebrating summer in these final weeks of August!

    1. Exactly my friend!
      And how about that White Turkey? So fun, right?
      I’m still very partial to our Dairy Supreme. When I was growing up here it was called Dairy Isle. I still call it that sometimes.
      Thanks for the visit! Hugs!

  11. I love August, it is a wonderful month, still summer but with a promise of cozy fall weather. Today it’s in the 60’s and raining, but next week its going to be high 70’s, perhaps low 80’s and sunshine all week. Just lovely! Thank you for your beautiful photos and positive post!

    1. Maria… it’s always so good to hear from you and read your posts. August seems to be a lovely time of year in Sweden as well!
      Enjoy your sunshine next week!

  12. Goodness, Nancy, but you have a talented eye for decor. And what I love most – is that you have such a positive attitude toward life. It’s uplifting and energizing. Thank you so much for sharing.

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