Tuesday Tidbits #186 Door Knobs Anyone?

Hello Friends!

It’s time for Tuesday… again!

I know I say it pretty often but I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. This week flew by. I know how busy we all are so I sure do appreciate when you take time out of your day and pop over to say hello. Thank you!

A clematis drying off from the morning dew.

Heat Wave

Oh and yet again I find myself saying… “It’s Hot!” I know, I know I live in Arizona most of the year and I should be use to the heat. However, this heat here in Pennsylvania with buckets of humidity thrown in… is simply dreadful.

Thank goodness for the lake!
Water Knotweed or Water Smartweed found in some areas by the lake.


We find ourselves indoors more then we wish to be! Come on now, it’s Summertime and the Living Should Be Easy, right? With all this time inside and thankful for the luxury of central air… I have journaled more. Do you Journal? I don’t do it every single day but I love to write down my thoughts and the happenings of our lives a few times a week. Plus, I’ve been adding my very own doodles and art to it. It’s quite enjoyable and relaxing for me. I still need to make a cover for it so when that is done I’ll share a picture of my Journal.

“Fill your paper with breathings of your heart.

~William Wordsworth

I want to add some of our garden flowers to my journal. So I asked sweet man to make a wooden Flower Press for me. I am a beginner at this but I did look up some ideas of how to begin by using what a I had at home.

Sweet man took two pieces of wood and then added the long lug nuts. I then tighten the lug nuts and then the boards press the flowers.
I placed parchment paper down then a coffee filter then added the leaves.
Another coffee filter was placed on top of the leaves.
Then more parchment paper.
Another coffee filter for the new layer of flowers to be pressed.

Before adding the top piece of wood… I did another layer of flowers on a coffee filter. I covered it all with coffee filters and parchment paper then added the top board. I’ll wait a few weeks to show you how it all came out.

I may try Eco Printing with some of our botanicals as well. Eco Printing is a natural way to dye paper or fabric where the natural dyes come from the plants. It’s quite involved but I may try it. I’ll keep you posted.

“Creativity takes courage.”

~Henri Matisse

An Adventure

We went searching for Sweet Man’s Church Camp that he went to in the summer as a kid.

We found it!

He remembered this road.
Here are some of the cabins Sweet Man camped in!

Long ago there was a Door Knob factory very close to the Church Camp. They closed the factory years before Sweet Man went to the church camp as a kid. However, the factory dumped the clay molds of the door knobs all over the hillsides near the Church Camp. So one of the activities for the campers was to go hunting for Door Knobs… I kid you not.

Guess what we did?

Yes, you guessed correctly. We looked for Door Knobs! It had rained the day before and believe it or not… the knobs were coming up out of the ground in the road!

Do you see them?
He’s a “Happy Camper!
They were everywhere!

After Door Knob Hunting we went for dinner…

A tasty Margherita Pizza.
The Pizza place … Cadence Vault GastroPub… was in an old Bank. A great place for Pizza!

Thanks So Much

As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.


Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Whatever you have planned… make every summer day count.

44 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #186 Door Knobs Anyone?

  1. You had another great week including a road adventure and home adventure. I love the bell and its stand – handsome. I’ve never pressed flowers, but yours look beautiful so far. The heat has kept us in more than we’d like as well. it always reminds me of winter except it’s the heat instead of the cold keeping us in. Happy Tuesday, and maybe you could jump in the lake for me. I think I’d like it. 🙂

    1. I’ll be happy to jump in the Lake for you.
      I’m curious to see how these pressed flowers come out. I bought some contact adhesive paper …hopefully to preserve them. I’ll keep you posted.
      Stay cool my friend! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Happy Tuesday, Nancy and I love your flower press. The joy on your Sweet Man’s face as he found the door knobs is priceless. Much <3 to you both. Xx

    1. Hunting for Door Knobs brought back a lot of fond memories from his childhood.
      Thanks for the visit… and I’ll keep you posted on the flower pressing.
      Happy Tuesday to you!

  3. Beautiful photos. Great flower press. Pizza looks like it was delish. Bank vaults are amazing. Vaults make great timeout rooms.

  4. The opening clematis and closing sunflower are gorgeous photos. I will be anticipating the reveal of the pressed flowers, what a fun project! I used to journal every day, but now only occasionally. I should start again. The door knobs discovery sounds like fun and great memories for your Sweet Man. I love Tuesday Tidbits and thank you for sharing. Have a lovely week, dear one!

    1. I am so glad you are enjoying Tuesday Tidbits! I do enjoy writing them.
      Eventually I want to start adding a Short Sunday post. We shall see.

      And I love flowers… so why not open and end with them.
      Thank you for all the love dear friend.
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  5. I love the flower press project! I have a small one, but I’m usually frustrated that it holds so little. I’m asking my husband to make me this super-sized version.
    It has been horribly muggy and hot here in Vermont as well, with lots of strange little cloud bursts that last about 10 minutes thrown in to keep it interesting, and even more muggy!

    1. God just likes to keep us hopping! Maybe I should say Dripping! Dripping from the humidity!
      Yes… I’m hoping this works. I 3 layers in it. So we shall see. I will keep you posted.
      Hope you get your huge one!
      Thank you for the visit!

  6. hi Nancy! I have never done journaling, what a fun way to relax and create! I’ve never pressed flowers either, what a great way to preserve memories of your garden bounty. Hunting for door knobs, how crazy different is that! It is truly amazing that your husband found his old camp and that there are still door knobs to be found! Enjoy your week, I know you will be up to something fun and adventurous!

    1. Crazy, right?! Doorknobs??
      There were so many and I think there were molds for crock lids as well.
      The Journaling for me has been fun. It’s thoughts, ideas, goals, art and scrapbooking all in one! So fun.
      Thank you for the visit! Happy Tuesday!

  7. hi Nancy! I’ve never journaled, it sounds like a very fun way to relax and create! I’ve never pressed flowers either, what a wonderful way to preserve your garden’s bounty~ That is amazing that you not only found your husbands old camp, but there were still door knobs to be found! That pizza place with the vault looks so cool! Enjoy your week ahead, I know you will be doing something fun and adventurous!

  8. Even Vermont had a heatwave when we were there: up to 86 degrees. Wellsboro/PA was fairly pleasant, especially our bike ride on the Pine Creek Trail through Pine Creek Canyon: that was eonderful.

  9. Door knobs. I would have collected them all! That pizza looks great and I love the coffee filter concept with the flower pressing — that’s a great idea. I learned a lot from this one and had some fun eye candy, too!

    1. Somewhere out there in the Land of the Internet I found that suggestion. Hoping it works!
      My Mom used to press 4 Leaf clovers in her bible.
      I’ll keep you posted on how this all works out!
      Happy Tuesday Jeanie!

  10. I must say I’ve never looked for door knobs! Like for you in Pennsylvania, heat and humidity have made things a bit uncomfortable in Maine. Even so it’s wonderful to be in our special places.

  11. The humidity is a different type of heat, isn’t it Nancy?? I always compare it to a sauna vs a steam bath!!
    It’s so nice to meet you on the blog. When are you coming back to AZ, because we should definitely meet up,

  12. I journal every day…as well as keeping track of appointments, things to do…items ordered on line, meal plans, etc..even what I wear to church each Sunday. (that way I don’t wear the same thing two weeks in a row…LOL Perhaps it is old age, but I find it just keeps me organized….and no, I don’t use my IPhone for appointments…I think that dates me for sure. I also like to read a real book even though I have access to my Kindle etc. Oh well, thank you for sharing your beautiful pics…it will soon be Fall and the flowers will change also. thanks my friend…have a great and beautiful week.

    1. Thank you Kari for stopping by. Our ways of keeping organized are what makes us … Us! There’s no right or wrong.
      Thank you for enjoying and thank you for the visit. Enjoy your week to come!

  13. I understand the heat. We have escaped the high temps in OK by finally getting to our cabin in northern NM. What a relief. We traded constant triple digits for 70’s and low 80’s with some afternoon mountain thundershowers. I don’t take a minute of it for granted. We are having to do some staining and reconstruction on a deck, but it is nice to watch the improvements happen as we work. I think your wildflower pressing project is fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks. As a child we pressed them between sheets of wax paper which we ironed. Great immediate results but not nearly as nice as yours will be. I’m so happy your husband’s camp and doorknob hunting opportunities were still there for him. That must have been a fun outing.

    1. It was a fun outing.
      I hope the pressed flowers come out as planned. And I am so happy you are cooking off at your cabin. How wonderful.
      Thank you for stopping over and have a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Those are the operative words… “Who Knew you could Hunt for Door Knobs?”
      Great memories for him!
      Enjoy the rest of your week!

  14. I cannot wait to see the plants/flowers when they have finished being pressed. Thanks for including us in all of your summer “fun!” And your pizza pictures managed to make me extremely hungry after a hot day working in the sun, pulling up invasive weeds! Your wonderful post took me From Yuk! To Yum! Hugs to you for doing so!!💕

  15. I love the photos! I can just imagine the two of you searching for that old summer camp and then hearing Bob’s “glee” when he found the Doorknobs. LOL. Honestly missing you both so much! I look forward to seeing the results of your flower pressing and your next entry!

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