What’s Faster then a Speeding Thunderbird???

Zoo and AirShow April2016 603

Definitely Not a Tortoise!

But a flying F-35 might be!

Zoo and AirShow April2016 824 - Copy

The Thunderbirds were celebrating 75 years

at the Luke Air Force Base  – Air Show.

I had to go!

I love an Air Show!

Zoo and AirShow April2016 878

Zoo and AirShow April2016 888

Zoo and AirShow April2016 889

The Thunderbirds Flew in All Their Glory!

Zoo and AirShow April2016 886 - Copy

A Fabulous Air Show and I was not disappointed!

More to come in my next post.

And please…

Do not get your hair in a tizzy while you wait.   😉

Zoo and AirShow April2016 191 - Copy

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

37 thoughts on “What’s Faster then a Speeding Thunderbird???

      1. HA HA HA HA I pretty much reserve my collection of frogs to the outdoor area. Oh and I also collect Loons. Oh there is a wonderful story behind The Loons. I will share with you over Margaritas the next time you come out! Hec… Maybe this summer when I am in Pa.

    1. Too funny! I am always amazed of what the pilots can do.
      Oh and when they come out of no where and scare the bajeebers out of me!

    1. How sweet it was for you to grow up in an Air Force Family.
      Thank you for enjoying the photos. I hope they brought you some fond memories!

  1. Remarkable photos of the air shows!! Love the first air show shot, I can see the pilot!
    How fun to get together with your blog friend! 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Sweet Sue! ( I sure hope that doesn’t bother you when I say that… But it is so very true! You are sweet!)

      1. I think I took less than 300. When I downloaded I realized I still had a ton of photos on the media card which I was thrilled about… I thought all those photos were lost when the computer crashed. Pleasant surprise that I failed to format the card 🙂 I’ll send you some photos soon!

  2. Oh this is just such an excellent post. So light and playful earthbound and high flying. I adore airshows and your photos of the Thunderbird, a personal favorite, are stunning. The bird and tortoise so well captured they appear ready to walk off the page Well done. 🐞

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