24 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I have never seen Cactus Lily before, so beautiful and the lighting is great!
    Happy Easter to you, too, Nancy! 🙂

      1. Austrian Copper and Lady Banks bloom round the middle to end of April, but the rest of our roses don’t start blooming until well into May or even June. It’s cold at night and we can get killing frost up to the end of May.

      2. Oh my… What elevation are you at? We have roses blooming now… But they don’t like that desert summer heat come June/July.

      3. We are at 5000 feet, in a cold spot. We live right on the Rio Grande and cold air drains off the Sandias (10,600 feet) and cools our property. We tend to have the same temperatures as Santa Fe which is at 7000 feet plus. We are always 10 to 20 degrees colder than Albuquerque and areas around us after the sun goes down, which is wonderful on summer evenings, but hard on plants in fall and spring because we get early and late frost.

      1. Well… Maybe you can come here in the Spring Next Time! And set up a shoot right here in my back yard! 😉

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