First Day of Spring? 

Happy First Day of Spring!

I am traveling between Pennsylvania and Ohio. The Lake house is in Pennsylvania and my boys are in Cleveland, Ohio. A short trip back and forth. My oldest just moved into a new house so I was helping him move in yesterday. It has been a beautiful visit and Spring was starting to show its colors.




…momma’s crocus…

However today I woke up to snow! What a beautiful sight!

This little bit just made me smile…

Soon Spring will come back and look like this again in this region of the country.

In a few days I will be back home in Arizona that will be showing off its own Spring.


This post was made from my iPad. It may post differently. Hoping for a good outcome!

Until Next Time. ~Nancy


44 thoughts on “First Day of Spring? 

    1. I agree… As long as it stays just a little. I don’t remember how to drive in it if it were to get real deep. Ha! Ha! Happy Spring, Sweet Sue!

  1. Snow on the daffodils? Spring in the boro always has snow…Ohio also…Florida is gloomy today, expecting more rain….love your pics sister….safe travels.

    1. A dusting is fine… Which is what this ended up being. But it’s the deep, blizzard like conditions I can not stand.
      Thank you for enjoying my Spring captures.

  2. And it feels more like summer here in the desert. Love the crocus photos. Were they taken with the new camera? Actually all the photos in this post are lovely. Safe travels back to the southwest.

    1. Some were… But not all. Still working on Macro images with the new camera. Glad you liked my Spring photos. The crocus and the snowdrops mean a lot to me as my Mom planted them years ago at the Lake House. Hope to see you soon.
      Oh by the way… A few posts back I posted a photo of an Owl. That was taken with the new camera. 🙂

      1. I’ll check out that Owl photo since I may have missed it during all my computer problems. When taking macro, be sure and move the switch located on the left part of the lens. Took me forever to have that figured out. We will definitely have to go out shooting together when you’re back in town.

    1. I have to say … I am giggling to myself. It was really that dreary when the photo was taken. Didn’t have to change it to black and white. It already was. Ha ha !!
      Thanks for coming for a visit. 🙂

    1. No can do my sweet. I spent the whole day spring cleaning the yard at the Lake House. Tomorrow Momma and I have a date at the nursing home.
      But don’t you worry… We will meet up one day this summer. Xoxoxoxo

  3. Your photos are lovely Nancy, and welcome to warmer weather. Over here, the first day of March heralds the season change from summer to autumn. I never really thought about it, but I guess I assumed it was the same where you are. Silly me.

  4. Great pics….typical spring interruption….a little snow….when we lived in Denver, those spring snows were usually not just a small event…the cactus blooms await you here!

  5. I always enjoyed the spring flowers in the east. I do miss the daffodils and tulips, but not those springs snows. Thanks goodness the snow doesn’t last:) Enjoy your family time!

  6. Such spring beauty, Nancy! And so fickle at times! 🙀 But it looks like a light dusting of snow that won’t last long. I bet it’s all a nice change for you from the desert. Do you know what that plant is with the green buds on the curvy branches? Fourth pic up from the bottom. It looks just like one I have here and want to learn what it is.

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