Gardening on Both Sides of the Mississippi

If you follow me here on my blog and Instagram you know that I enjoy gardening. The joy of seeing flowers bloom from spring to fall is undeniably a passion of both myself and my sweet man. I enjoy weeding as well …as long as it’s NOT HOT or HUMID.

The love of gardening all started with my Mom.

Here she is as a young woman in her Mother’s garden. Yes, my grandmother was also a fabulous gardener who in turn shared that love with my Mom.Here she is in her late 80’s weeding her gardens.

I pretty much have a green thumb,here in Pennsylvania, because of my Mom.

We have inherited some beautiful flowers at the LakeHouse.

These were planted by my Mother 40+ years ago. However, because she was in the nursing home for a while …some of her gardens diminished. Therefore sweet man and I added more.

I do enjoy whimsy in the gardens.

It adds another layer plus it’s fun.

This frog is in our Arizona yard.

In Arizona my green thumb is basically useless. In the Southwest it’s not easy to be a Gardner because of the arid climate. Container gardens must be large so the dirt does not heat up and kill the roots. If you do plant it needs watered often. Water is a beloved commodity in the Southwest so it’s why our cactus give us joy. They don’t require lots of water.

Our yard in Arizona is full of gardens… it’s just different to those who garden east of the Mississippi. Many of our plants love the sun, arid climate and do not need lots of water.

Our back yard in Arizona.

Gardening is my therapy. I’m at peace when I am in my gardens.

Roses do well in Arizona and Pennsylvania for me.

With landscaped yards… beneficial creatures come.

We need our pollinators!

Other wonderful creatures stop by as well.

Vegetable gardening does take place in Pennsylvania not so much in Arizona although I have several friends who do do in AZ. They have learned the trick!

There’s nothing like a homegrown tomato. Lots of salads are made for dinner at the LakeHouse. The basil grows so well in Pennsylvania. But I can’t get it to grow in Arizona!

Sitting outside in our gardens make us happy!

I am so happy you stopped by to visit. Thank you for commenting. I sure do appreciate each and every one of you!

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Until Next Time ~Nancy

41 thoughts on “Gardening on Both Sides of the Mississippi

    1. Every year when we return in the fall to AZ there is always much work awaiting us! More therapy then I need! Lol!

      Thanks for visiting.

  1. Wow your gardens are beautiful! I miss gardening! As a kid I had my parent’s 1/3acre to play with, but now I just have a deck and I haven’t been able to master container gardening yet:(

    1. She planted the seed for the Love of Gardening for myself and my siblings as well!

      Thanks so much for strolling through our gardens. Happy day to you!

  2. Who wouldn’t be extremely happy in a garden of yours? They are so beautiful. As is your mother. The love of gardening is a beautiful gift. I really enjoy when you share photos from your gardens. I’ve never been very good with flowers. My little sister was the one in charge of the flowers. I did more berries, and some vegetables. Not so much fruit while growing up, it was too cold. Two days ago I gave my extensive container fruit tree garden to a dear friend. It’s not legal to take the trees out of state, so I couldn’t risk doing that in my upcoming move. I know my friend will enjoy the trees immensely. She was thrilled, so all the work I put in feels worthwhile. Have a wonderful day my friend.

    1. I am thrilled you enjoy the gardens! We love them.

      Thanks so much for always taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!

  3. I wouldn’t mind having all those beautiful flowers you have in PA, but I would need someone to tend them. I enjoy looking but not working. The desert is my idea of gardening:) We are having our front yard landscaped this fall in Boulder City. I do love all types of cacti. What is that cactus in your first AZ photo with the Just Bloomed across it? That is spectacular! I do believe I need one of those out by our pool. Both of your yards are so beautiful. I can see the love you put into them. Love your AZ frog and that neat heart rock next to it. When will you head back to AZ?

    1. Thank you bunches for taking a stroll through our gardens.

      That cactus is amazing! We believe it is an Argentine Giant Cactus. We have white ones as well.

      I have a collection of heart rocks in both locations. You will not believe how many heart rocks I gather when digging in the LakeHouse gardens. It’s my Mom and Dad sending well wishes to see her gardens being revived.

      Good luck with your landscaping at your new home!

      1. Thanks, Nancy! How sweet to find the heart rocks while gardening in your mother’s garden:) Hope our landscaper can get me an Argentine Giant in orange!

  4. Now I know where you get your talent from. Such a nice stroll down memory lane as you shared images of your mom. You and sweet man have done such a fabulous job with your AZ yard that it’s obvious the lake home gardens are every bit as beautiful. But they are two very diverse yards that I’m sure keep you entertained.

    1. Hey girl! You know I am going to talk you into coming out here next summer!

      Glad you enjoyed the garden stroll. When we get back we will sit in the back under that Ramada.

  5. Nancy, what gorgeous gardens at both of your homes. They are so different which surely gives you much enjoyment. How beautiful that both you mother and grandmother loved gardening, both photos are treasured memories! Happy gardening dear friend!

    1. I am so happy you saw my Momma!!

      Yes two beautiful gardens but completely different!

      Thank you for stopping in my friend!

  6. Oh Nancy, such a perfect summer’s End photo essay. You are so fortunate to have plants from your Mother’s garden, and stunning photos of her working in them, and the gardens themselves. Your photos are just spectacular, your eye for detail and angle is so precise as to be able to really create a slice of life in your gardens in photography. I successfully grew wildflowers this year. Which seems an oxymoron of sorts, but having them thrive in a high desert yard-scapes has eluded me many years. Thank you for sharing your as always most excellent photo essay. All my best to you Girlfriend.

    1. Oh JoHanna it is sooooo good to hear from you. I have missed you and was hoping all was well with you.

      Sounds like you had a garden of flowers this summer. How wonderful!

      Thanks for enjoying ours!

      1. All is most excellent Nancy. Just a very busy, but enjoyable interval BUT the same amount of hours in a day. Be well dear Nancy, it’s coming on hiking season in the desert ! XOX

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