LakeHouse Happenings

The summer is continuing to be good to us. We have been having fun enjoying family and friends who live close by. Traveling here and there. And loving the flowers inside and out!

Sun sprinkles into our Sunroom.

Our Cottage Garden and the creatures that visit!

Bringing the outside in is a constant joy.

Don’t you see the tomato and basil from our garden?

We enjoy the outside as well.

The apple dip is amazing! Take a little honey, sprinkle in just a touch of cocoa and a teaspoon of natural peanut butter! Delicious!

The vanilla strawberry Hydrangeas are amazing this year!

We had our first tomato ripen just the other day. Sweet Man planted them.

The lake never gets old.

Inside projects continue. Like the printers tray in the living room. I just added more rocks and when sweet man hangs it on the wall just a few inches above from where it is now…I will share a better picture of it. It really came out great!

The project of antiquing and thrifting continues to add to my collections which makes our sunroom a lovely spot.

I’m off to make a peach cobbler in the kitchen. My sweet man built this shelf for the kitchen. The space is not large enough for a hutch so this works out fabulous!

I sure hope your summer is going well!

Now back to that peach cobbler!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “LakeHouse Happenings

  1. Oh what a simply delightful summer you are having. The flowers, your first tomato, and oh what I would give for a good east coast tree ripened peach. Nancy, you arrangements and collections are simply so…well photograph worthy I suppose is the phrase I want to use. Interesting detailed collages to enjoy. Thank you and all my best to you dear. Monsoon is in it’s fullness, the desert refreshed, and awaiting your return.

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