Our Memorable Landscapes

When I first saw that Wandering Wednesday was going to be landscapes… I said, “Easy Peasy!”

But not so fast…!!

Because we travel and have homes on both sides of the Mississippi we see numerous places. I don’t have favorites as each place evokes wonderful memories for us! The archives are overflowing with captures of wonderful places. It was difficult to choose! Therefore let’s start this with the seasons.


Bryce Canyon, Utah

Winter in Edinboro, Pa. Just down the street from our LakeHouse.

Northern Arizona


Spring in Arizona…


Washington Island, Lake Michigan, Wisconsin

Lake Erie, Cleveland, Ohio

New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia


Pennsylvania countryside.

Edinboro Lake, Pennsylvania

Travel takes us to see amazing sights!

Puget Sound Seattle, Washington

Niagara Falls, Canada

Stonehenge England

Haleakala Summit of the West Maui Mountains

Normandy, France

Always remember, without any exception, there’s always beautiful landscapes right around the corner!


Brandywine Falls, Ohio

Each capture I shared brings back sweet memories and stories to tell.

I sure hope you can find some beautiful LANDSCAPES to share for Wandering Wednesday that Ingrid from Live Laugh RV hosts.

By the way… a little side note. Here is Ingrid and I at our place in Arizona preparing dinner for us, her husband Al and my sweet man.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

32 thoughts on “Our Memorable Landscapes

  1. Just WOW Nancy! They are all incredible! I am partial to the dramatic desert landscapes though. What a wonderful, happy post. Thank you for sharing all that beauty!

    1. And thank you for visiting!

      This was a tough post as I wanted to share every single landscape in my archives!

      I’m still sending prayers for you and hoping that fire gets contained. I watch it on the news every evening. I know things are better… but keep your guard up.

      1. Special landscapes, connected to personal memories, are hard to resist. I would find it extremely difficult! I really enjoyed your post. Thank YOU for your kind support ❤️

    1. It’s right up the highway from our place in AZ! I sure hope you and I can connect when you come out to AZ… perhaps in the Spring?

  2. Great collection of photographs and I especially enjoyed the four season theme. Hmm, maybe that should be a challenge down the road 😉 Love the last photo … we’ll have to get together for a little cooking this fall!!!

    1. Glad you saw this post! I had a Tough Time tying it all together.

      Thank you for hosting! And yes… there will be another cooking session.

    1. Indeed and so much right in our backyard!

      I enjoyed your Yellowstone pictures. The falls pictures brought back memories from a visit almost 20 years ago.

    1. Thank you Pam!

      There is so much to see and explore.

      I so appreciate your comments and taking the time to stop by. Your sweet words always make my day!

  3. Every season brings beauty to special places. Your pictures show them pretty well! Have a great Thursday, Nancy and thank you for sharing beautiful images of places that you have visited. Inspiring!

    1. Thank you so much! I am always so happy for you to stop in.

      Lots of beautiful places we have seen! And a story behind each one.

  4. So many beautiful landscapes but I think my favourite is the Bryce Canyon in winter photo. the contrast is wonderful. Nancy thanks so much for including our blog in your list on your site. Very much appreciated. xo

    1. You know how much I “luvs” you!! 🤗
      I am always so happy to see what is your next adventure!

      Thanks for enjoying the photos. That morning in Bryce we had ice on our windshield. It was 19 degrees!(We are from the Arizona desert. There wasn’t a snow or ice scraper in our car.) So we needed the defrost/heat slowly take care of it!

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