A Stroll Through Oglebay

If you have not been to Oglebay in Wheeling, West Virginia you must try to go. It’s beautiful!

It’s a 1600 acre municipal park of rolling hills with golf courses, a petting zoo, pools, a lodge …for overnight stay, and cottages as well. The grounds are well taken care of and the florals and gardens are a sight to see!

Since 1926 the Park has been open to the public from when Earl Oglebay deeded his Waddington Farms over to the city of Wheeling.

So come with me on a Stroll.

A lovely get away that was thoroughly enjoyed by us.

Thank you for coming along on a Stroll through Oglebay.

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Until Next Time ~Nancy

25 thoughts on “A Stroll Through Oglebay

    1. This area is unbelievably gorgeous! At Christmas time it’s filled with lights.

      I am so glad you got to see these gardens! There is a glass museum too. So many beautiful glass pieces to see.

      Thank you for taking a Stroll with me Pam!

    1. That metal bird caught my eye as well!
      It may be a place to visit on your way south this winter or on your way home in the Spring!

  1. We visited my grandparents in southern West Virginia every summer when I was growing up but never went to Wheeling. You have found a beautiful garden there! Love the bird sculpture.

    1. We went here on a whim and so glad we did! Sweet Man was here before and he really wanted me to see this place.

      I sure hope you can visit one day soon! It’s a treat to the eyes. Plus it has a gorgeous glass museum!

  2. Nancy, I was so surprised to see this post about Oglebay. Oglebay is a fabulous place and is even more fabulous at Christmas. I live in Clarksburg, WV about 2 hours from Wheeling. My mom was a flower show judge, and there were many gorgeous flower shows held there (which I had to attend) throughout the years. If you can just imagine how lovely it was filled with beautiful floral designs.

    So happy you enjoyed your visit there and you did justice through your beautiful post to a piece of West Virginia beauty ~ Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting! Thank you also for your kind words! I am thrilled that I got to visit this beautiful and historical place. I was so happy to share my experience.

      I feel that you put a gold star on my post as you are somewhat a past official of this place. Thank so much for taking the time to comment.

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