Welcome In

It’s Fall, please stop in. We enjoy fall touches throughout our home.


…as well as inside…

We enjoy our backyard owls so why not reflect them into our decor.

Come enjoy a meal…

These two small glass pumpkins were made by us. We took a glass blowing class. So fun!

Thank you for stopping by… and Happy Fall! Watch out for the ghosts and goblins!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

32 thoughts on “Welcome In

  1. This is just lovely Nancy. You have the best home decor for any occasion I’ve ever seen. You should send some of that magic my way 🙂

    1. The heat can make it tough for decorating for fall. We have had two tropical storms come through. Which had brought cooler temps here in AZ!

  2. What a beautifully decorated house and yard for the fall season:) I love the little glass pumpkins. Did you make them at Corning Glass by any chance? We’ve done two tours there and saw others blowing their own glass.

    1. It was at a studio in Phoenix. We did it through a groupon. It was fun! Would like to go back and make glass ornaments.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🧡🍁🧡🍂🧡

  3. So pretty Nancy it is hard to describe just one area. I love your mantel with the mercury glass and candles AND I love your veranda or porch or lanai…which ever term you use in Arizona (remember I lived in New Mexico for several years and terms change) LOL. I also love your tablescapes and the incorporation of your glass pumpkin projects. Just lovely. Your home is softly exclaiming Fall and it is beautiful.

    1. Such lovely words! Thanks so much for your sweet words describing our fall home. We sure do appreciate it.
      I believe it’s called a Veranda here as well as patio.
      Stop by again. I’ll be popping over at your place very soon!

  4. Your excellent taste and simply gorgeous arrangements continue to impress Nancy. Your hand-blown pumpkins are the best though. I took a glass blowing class way back when and ended up with some very misshapen and display for laughs only elephants and swans with chiropractic issues.
    A delightful photo essay for a simply beautifully decorated home. Thank you.

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