Tuesday Tidbits #131 Mid-June?


Hello! Happy Tuesday! And it’s Mid-June already!


Yes… that’s me. I am one that makes myself busy! And sometimes I just have to remind myself to just stop and relax. Perhaps even smell the roses.

This rose plant was planted 50+ years ago by my Momma. And here it is after the rain.
And here is another planted by her.

Sisterly Love

So a slow down day for me this past week was very much needed… I had a lovely visit from my sister. We shopped all day and had lunch at a lovely place called Venango Valley Inn. We spent the day laughing and chatting. Perfect day!

Dining here is not only lovely but delicious! It’s called Venango Valley Inn.

Solar Eclipse

The following day Sweet Man encouraged me to get up early along with him to watch the Solar Eclipse. I have to remind you… I did not bring my good camera to the LakeHouse. I just had my cell phone. My phone could not capture the eclipse. But we saw it and it was spectacular!

Although, we did witness a beautiful sunrise! My iPhone did a great job capturing it.

Along with the eclipse and beautiful sunrise… we were entertained by two Eagles fishing.

One of the Eagles.

It was a wonderful morning. I’m so glad sweet man got me up and moving early for it.

The Gardens

All the gardens are doing well!

I call these Buttercups but I read that they are called Yellow Evening Primroses.
Here they are paired with the pink primroses.

I had to show you the lupine plant I shared with you last week. This plant was planted by my Mother 50+ years ago. This is the tallest I have ever seen it grow!

Its over 26+ inches tall. Wow!
It opened up to 28 inches!

Lakeside Cottages

I sometimes try to share a cottage or two from Lakeside…

And how about a little water fun as well!

Thank you for stopping by… and please enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Tuesday Friends!