“Girls Just Want To Have Fun!”

When your partner in crime calls to tell you that our friend from O H I O is coming to town… you say YES to a get together! Because you know it’s gonna be fun!

Ingrid, on the right, from Live Laugh RV and Teri on the left from Images By T Dashfield are great friends! And we are known for hanging out with wild horses (see them above Teri’s head?) And can be attacked by squirrels… stay tuned… more about that later in this post.

In all seriousness… we are friends who met through our Blogs. So why not get together and go hiking in beautiful and amAZing Arizona!

First off we had to find the wild horses of Arizona . After a few hit and misses we found them and they were incredible. Sleepy… but incredible!

Like us, they were enjoying the view of the blooms from the wild Poppies and Lupines…

This nice lady was there taking in the moment just like us but instead of photographing the horses… she was painting them.

It didn’t take us long to get back to the get away car… 🚘

To Hike to these wonderful areas…

These mountains called 4 Peaks… hardly ever have snow… so this was a treat for ALL of us!

After hiking all over Tonto National Forest in AZ…

We needed a much needed break!

Then came our big Surprise!

Ingrid packed us a picnic lunch! 🧺 And took us to a spot with a gorgeous view of Saguaro Lake! Thank you so much Ingrid! I even had a small glass of wine! How nice of you my friend!

We had visitors at our picnic!

The birds were not shy…

But neither were the Squirrels! 🐿 🐿

There was more than just one… and they would have sat on our laps if we let them… but they frightened me due to… they are WILD! One even jumped up on our table with us sitting there. So yes… we were almost attacked by the squirrels! 🐿🐿🐿

After all that excitement…

We were off to hike around Saguaro Lake…

We had a wonderful day! Blogging friends who gather to enjoy nature …together!

And we didn’t even get into TROUBLE! However, there’s always next time!

Thanks so much for reading. We had fun and we are so glad you came along!

Until Next Time ~Nancy