Tuesday Tidbits #50 ~A Ride Into the Sunset

Glad you are here today for another Tuesday Tidbits!

We are taking you on an exciting desert ride with the Cavecreek 4×4 Riders. And this ride is a bit different as it’s in the late afternoon and we ride on into the Sunset. So let’s get going!

We all met at Needle Rock Recreation Site and headed out in the Camp Creek Wash. (The wash was dry and no threat of rain.)

We had rigs in front and in back of us.

It has not rained in a good while. So the trail was a bit dusty.

But when the dust settled there were fabulous desert sights to take in.

There was even a stop so that we could chat and kick the tires… 😁

…and off to the side …a Horned Toad Lizard was seen.

But soon we were riding again on the winding trail for another hour or so until we hit pavement. Where we began the climb up to Humbolt Mountain.

The views were incredible at 5500 ft. elevation.

This use to be the ramp for Paragliders to Take Off! 😲 It’s also been a place for that scary Instagram capture. (However the ramp is in such disrepair that no one should go on it!) The end of the ramp is just hanging there… yikes!

The leader of the ride timed the ride just perfectly… as we made it just in time for the golden glow.

Even the moon showed up…

The long awaited sunset came too.

Did you have fun? We sure did! Life is good and we give thanks to God for it everyday!

Here’s a little video to show how we got to the top! (The Jeep Radio was playing for our enjoyment.)

Thank you for the visit. So glad you came to see the sunset!

Until Next Time ~Nancy