Tuesday Tidbits #124 Another Great Week

Hello and Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits. I have lots to share with you today.

A Trip to Laughlin, Nevada

We took another road trip this week. Crazy we are… but it was a fun get away. Have you ever been to Laughlin? The best way to describe this town is that it’s mini Las Vegas.

About two miles of Hotel/Casinos on the Colorado River on the border of Arizona and Nevada.

A view from our hotel. The Colorado River is very blue and so clear.

We spent two lovely nights. Just so you know, we are not gamblers. I can play slot machines on $20. And I walked away when I was up $25. After breakfast we lingered outside and watched the boats go by. A restful time away.

Sweet Man enjoying the view.

The Mojave Desert

The ride home was interesting as we took another route back. We drove through the Mojave Desert and a small portion of California.

The Mojave Desert looked extremely dry! And I missed our cacti!

We did see some interesting rock formations.

A Day with My Gal Pals on the Verde River!

As soon as we got home I needed to get ready for a day trip with my neighborhood girlfriends that was planned for the following day. A kayaking trip down the Verde River.

The Verde River

What fun we had!

We laughed the entire time. It was not only fun but it was also quite beautiful. The trees in many places created canopies over the river. And then in other places we saw Native American Cliff Dwellings. Every inch was a delight to the eyes. As we paddled down the River we sometimes experienced small rapids called ripples. They were quite thrilling for all of us.

Lunch Out with a Friend

This week I also enjoyed gathering at a new spot with a friend for a lovely lunch. We started out with cocktails…

Where we sat in a lovely garden surrounded by Palo Verdes in bloom and the Mesquite trees shade. Such a pretty setting.

And our chicken salad was delivered quickly.

Quite delicious!

Home Sweet Home

It’s always nice to have a get away or gather with friends. But it’s always best to come home where we return to see our garden blooms.

Thank you for the visit. I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words of encouragement and support. Enjoy the rest of your week my friends.