Back in Arizona

Always glad to get back to the desert! We enjoy the Southwest very much.

It’s amazing! Everywhere you turn there’s so much beauty to see.

We are especially proud of our saguaros. Pronounced “suh-wah-roe.” They are native to the Sonoran Desert and can grow up to 40 feet tall. Some have arms and some do not.

Some are also Crested… no one really knows why.

Old Ghost Towns are an iconic symbol of the Southwest.

When out in the desert it’s a treat to come across…


Native American Pit Houses

Wild Horses

Cattle grazing

And Arizona is proud of their Rocks and Minerals especially Petrified Rock!

Glad to be back in Arizona and it’s nice to be back in our neighborhood.

However, Home Sweet Home is the best!

And these Wide Open Skies gives us such beautiful sunsets…

Goodnight All… Thanks for reading along!

Until Next Time ~Nancy