Tuesday Tidbits #139 Lakeside Living

I know I’ve said it before… but this week went by with lightening speed! Hello Friends… thanks for joining me today.

Lake Living

There was more family fun for us this week. Which is always wonderful for us. The temperatures are hot so being close to the lake or on the lake is quite refreshing for everyone that visits.

Enjoying boat rides with sweet man as Captain…
Views from our boat…

Early morning walks by the lake help start each day off right.

Fresh Farm Markets

We still are enjoying the meals prepared from the continuous produce from the local Farm Markets.

I did make Fried Green Tomatoes. I used Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix instead of flour. It gave it a yummy southern taste. Salt your tomatoes first and let them rest a good 20 minutes so that most of the juices come out. This way the breading will stick and your tomatoes come out crispy!
The Summer sweet corn has been better then ever!

And when life gives you peaches…

A Peach Tart was made! I used A Southern Soul recipe. It was delicious!
Missing from this is the dollop of whipped cream I added!
It was delicious!

Lake Whimsy

On my walks on Lakeside… I am always looking at the cottages and their landscaping. Sometimes it’s fun to see the whimsy that people add to their yards or porches.

The face planter is just too cute!
A closer look and even more in the background.
Another one! All on the same porch!

Lake Cottages

Here are a few…

View from our boat…

Life is Good

It’s a fabulous way to spend the summer folks… We are so very grateful. Thankful and Blessed. We enjoy adding on to “Our Summer Story!”

Take a boat ride with us…

I hope your days to come this week are filled with fun and rest and relaxation. Take care and I’ll be back here next Tuesday to chat with you again.