Chickens and Eggs and Texas, Oh My!

Come join us as we go get some eggs.

We are in Texas Hill Country! And we need to fetch us some Breakfast! 😀

Yay! There’s a few to get us started.

How about a few more eggs, Miss Chicken.

“Okay …but please give me some privacy.”

And look who’s next!

Thanks for these but we’ll be back!

We added these to what was already in the fridge.

There’s nothing like fresh eggs!

After breakfast we headed on over to Luckenbach, Texas.

Cause Everyone is Somebody in Luckenbach, Texas!

These Mailboxes gave me a giggle!

I’m sure glad there are lights on this tree or someone may think it’s time to play Jenga!

Remember what I said…

Everyone is Somebody at Luckenbach, Texas!

We always stop in for a Beer where some of the “Greats” …Great Country Music Legends that is… have as well.

And yes… Luckenbach has chickens too!

Another fun time in Texas Hill Country! We are so glad you came along!

Until Next Time ~Nancy