Tuesday Tidbits #134 More Lighthouses!

How was your 4th?

I sure hope you had a lovely and very safe Holiday! We had an amazing Fireworks Display here in Edinboro, Pennsylvania …down at the University. It lasted 25 minutes or so with a few Finales!

Several Days of Celebrating

Family came to visit so we went exploring. We found 2 more Lighthouses! One was in Erie, Pennsylvania called Erie Land Lighthouse and the other was near Westfield, New York called Barcelona Lighthouse .

Barcelona Lighthouse. Established in 1823 in Westfield, NY.
The Barcelona is made of Fieldstone.
The Barcelona is closed to the public except for looking up at ground level. These stairs are the originals made of wood.
The Barcelona is not a working Lighthouse but it has beautiful lake views!

Erie Land Lighthouse

I had been wanting to see the The Erie Land Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania. So… since we were headed back home and in the area… we searched and found it. (Thank you Google!) Now I can say I have seen all 3 Lighthouses in the Erie area.

Erie Land Lighthouse located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Established in 1867.

We were able to climb the stairs to the top of this one.

The stairs going up!
Almost to the top!
The yellow is a reminder to duck your head or be careful!

The view at the top was incredible!

Presque Isle Bay on Lake Erie in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Presque Isle Lighthouse

Last summer we visited the other Lighthouse in Erie called Presque Isle Lighthouse and you are able to read all about it here.

North Pier Lighthouse

The third Erie Lighthouse is called North Pier Lighthouse. I did not write a blog post of it but I do have a picture of it to share with you.

Erie Harbor North Pier Lighthouse. Established in 1858 and it still helps light the way for Mariners in the narrow bay.

Erie, Pennsylvania Lighthouses

Erie Lighthouses

Do you have any Lighthouses where you live?

Wishing all of you a wonderful week. Thanks to all for following along. I truly appreciate each of you.