A Desert Spring

There’s just something about Spring! Then there’s Spring in the Desert!

I am amazed when a thorny cactus blooms into a jaw dropping swoon worthy blossom!

Bees 🐝 can be found all over the desert gathering nectar and pollinating various plants.

Desert lovers can’t get enough of their cacti but also enjoy all desert plants that bring forth spring blooms!

With Spring, the days get warmer here in the desert so refreshing areas are sought after.

Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ.

Lake Pleasant, Arizona

What’s keeping you from visiting our Arizona desert?

A spring visit will not disappoint. Come visit us! You may just


38 thoughts on “A Desert Spring

  1. You have done a great job capturing the bloom of spring in the desert! It never ceases to amaze me each year that from these cactus comes the most incredible blooms!!

    1. Said so well! Kirt as you and I know well… there’s no experience quite like seeing the Desert in Bloom! Thanks for enjoying the blooms right along with me! 😊

  2. Love, love the desert in spring. It will be so nice to be closer to the desert to have more time to see all the spring blooms. I am excited to develop my own cactus garden finally! Lovely photos:)

    1. You are going to have a beautiful cactus garden! We have red, white and yellow blooms right now in our back yard cactus/rock garden.

      Thanks for enjoying my desert captures!

    1. Spring in the desert is quite an experience! I hope to entice people to come visit our beautiful Spring.

      I am so glad you stopped by and enjoyed the blossoms right along with me!

    1. Spring is coming to you my friend. That crazy weather pattern is OVER!

      I’m glad you saw the desert in bloom right here at my place. Several of theses blossoms are from our yard! Some day you should come visit AZ in the spring. It’s a sight to behold! Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Your just gorgeous photo essay did indeed make me soon dear Nancy. Always a while behind up here further north for spring bloom. Just breathtaking each spring. I’ve been wondering about the wildflower bloom this year as we have had just about no rain, no winter.
    Just a lovely batch of photos, you do promote the area at it’s colorful best with this one.
    Happy Easter to you- JoHanna

    1. The wildflowers are few and far between. I have see a few… even lupines. Our hedgehogs are just starting. Way behind because of the lack of rain. Thanks for the love!!

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