Tuesday Tidbits #91 Our Time at Home

Hello friends!

Another week staying at home…

We enjoy our time in our living room.

With Sweet Man’s deer and my Dad’s deer overlooking… we enjoy “home.” My Dad loved that Pine paneling that surrounded the fireplace he built. Of course some of the decor has changed… but the love is still here.

An evening glow…
An up close look at the printer’s tray. It’s filled with our Arizona finds! Plus my Dad was a hobby printer. It has come full circle.

The gardens are doing well! The Hydrangeas are enjoying where they are planted.

I made incredible margherita pizzas this week with our garden ingredients. The basil is doing very well this year.

Who else loves the fragrance of Basil? By the way, my Arizona friends, I can grow Basil here! (I can’t grow it in Arizona.)

Working in the kitchen is easy when surrounded with beloved treasures and flowers. And those peppers came from my son…

Speaking of my son… I made him an arrangement for his mantel.

And of course there was lots of time spent by the lake… I hope you can watch the sweet video. Thanks for the visit and I hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy.


49 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #91 Our Time at Home

  1. It’s hard. I’m tired of staying home too, in fact I planned on writing about that this week. Maybe today. We’ll see. I have trouble growing basil that doesn’t go to seed almost immediately. I love the smell, but I don’t really like the taste so much. My hydranga is beautiful this year too. Lots of things are pretty this time of year.

  2. Happy Tuesday my friend. The video is so beautiful and peaceful…I love your lake views! I know why your beloved Dad loved the pine paneling, it is warm and welcoming. I grow basil and I love its smell…I need to get busy and make pesto to freeze. I look forward to your Tuesday Tidbits!

  3. Your Hydrangeas are looking amazing. Plants do so well in the ‘right’ spot and how could the Lake House ‘not be’? 🙂 Hope you’ve had a happy Tuesday, Nancy.

  4. I love traditional deluxe pizza, but I found in Argentina that I also enjoy specialty pizzas. Yours reminds me of some of them; it looks delicious. Have a great week.

  5. I’m here for the pizza and the company! I love these scenes from your world Nancy! Nothing like garden fresh herbs and veggies. Take good care

    1. Sandra… Coffee is waiting for you this morning. Would love to have ya.
      Thanks for the love and encouragement.
      Happy Day to you!

  6. The video was nice, and I like the arrangement you made for your son. I smiled at the printer’s drawer because I had one way back when filled with miniatures. Good memories. Being surrounded with so many good memories in your summer lake home must be like have a nice soft shawl wrapped around your shoulders. Stay well and enjoy.

    1. Awe… I loved your description! And as I type to you this morning from the front porch… a shawl covers me.
      We have a printers tray that my Dad did over 50 years ago… It’s hanging in the sunroom filled with old photos and miniatures. Along with the sign that hung outside for his hobby printing business.
      Sweet memories indeed! So glad to hear from you… I missed your post this week.
      Happy day to you!

  7. Your Basil-Wow! With the pizza, my mouth is watering 🙂 Your family room is inviting and warm. I love the typewriter with the green theme of dishes and vases. The video was relaxing. The Hydrangeas are just gorgeous, as is the mantle piece you made for your son. I love the colors in your kitchen and the peppers he brought you-I Want Them! We just ate our last banana peppers from our garden. Have a wonderful day! :)Jen

    1. In AZ I’ve tried growing it inside many times. It’s just too arid. I can get it to do it’s thing for about a week. But it doesn’t last. God knows we love it and we have tried growing it. 😏

      1. It should make it in the house providing it gets enough sun and not too cold. I’ve done cuttings to use later, put in a cup of water and they send out roots!

      2. Yes… I do that all the time here. I have it on my kitchen window making roots right now. But in AZ its a whole different story. And I have tried it every way possible in AZ. Cuttings in water, planted in lovely dirt inside, kept whole plant in a bowl of water, (which in AZ evaporates in hours) and planted it outside as well. All epic fails in AZ. It will stay alive for about a week… then it just up and wilts.

  8. it seems your basil is growing very well. I’ve never had much luck with it but would love to have a plant that looked that healthy. Enjoy that beautiful lake and your cozy home.

  9. Hi, Nancy!! So nice to be back on your blog- how I’ve missed it! I should really prioritize coming in here during busy semesters since it’s sooo peaceful! Your home is so warm and inviting. Those homemade marg pizzas look absolutely amazing– WOW. And no better place than lakeside- thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Mackenzie… I was starting to worry about you. I was going into full Momma mode worrying about you. I am thrilled all is okay and that you were just a busy, busy young lady with school and clinicals.
      Please stop by any time for a little bit of country lake living girlfriend!
      Prayers sent your way… hugs!

      1. Awwww, Nancy!! Your comment warms my heart, that really means a lot. Thank you for your concern. And yes, just oh so busy- but I am definitely in need of stopping by the country lake living again for a little respite 🙂 Sending hugs back!!

  10. I love a home that is filled with sweet treasures that have been collected over the years. It makes them so warm and welcoming. Your Margherita pizzas look wonderful with the bounty from your garden.

    1. Oh Karen… I feel the same way.
      We enjoy when we have visitors and there is a story behind every treasure and around every corner of the house. Thank you for the visit. And thank you for such kind words!

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