Our Goodbye to Italy in Florence

When I sat down to write this post… I got overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. You see… I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would travel to so many beautiful places, experience such wonderful adventures or enjoy the simplest of pleasures. Sweet Man and I are blessed and thankful that we can! But it’s because of Sweet Man that we get to share in such fun. Many heartfelt thanks go to Sweet Man for planning Every Single One of our adventures, trips, and experiences!

Now On to Florence!

Florence was so much fun! Our Hotel was on “Hotel Street.” (The locals call it that.) It was in a great location …where Florence comes alive! Everything was in easy walking distance and our room was as lovely as the Lobby!

We set out and ventured through the narrow streets of Firenze (Florence.)

Of course an Apertivo was enjoyed.

After our Apertivo we had to see the Duomo… the Cathedral! It was a spectacular sight!

It was huge and full of immaculate details! We walked all around it!

After the sights and sounds were all taken in… we headed to the Central Mercato. An indoor Market full of every food imaginable. Downstairs was the Market and upstairs were all the restaurants. It was truly an EXPERIENCE! We enjoyed the best Lemon Ravioli here… it was so good.

I wanted to experience the streets and the culture of Italy and here in Florence I felt I did exactly that.

I could share picture after picture to show you our first day in Florence… however…

My iPhone made the following video in my Memories Album. It captured our first day in Florence so well! I can’t take credit for the video… only the frames! Please try to watch this video as it gives you a Taste of Florence! Thank you so much for enjoying our first day in Florence with us. I tried to get Florence all into one post but just could not. So… our second day will be in my next post with Michelangelo’s David having a grand appearance.

Thanks for the visit! Ciao!

Until Next Time ~Nancy