Tuesday Tidbits #223 Exploring Part 2

Good Tuesday to you, friends!

I have something for you!

It bloomed just in time for you to enjoy! Thanks so much for stopping by. We love these flowers, even though they only last for a day. It’s just enough time for their beauty to be savored.

In my previous post, I left you at this beach. We did continue exploring but had to get our rental car back to Eugene, Oregon.

So off we went, headed East. We stopped along the way, of course.

A quick stop was needed to see this beautiful vicinity.

I know you wanted to see more moss!

We enjoy exploring, as you never know what you will see next!

An enchanted forest welcomed us.

After coming out of one forest, we were greeted by a big smile from another forest!

Do you see the smile?
Do you see it now? 🙂 Very interesting!

Seattle, Washington

We dropped our rental car off in Eugene, Oregon, and the next day we headed to the Eugene Amtrak station. We were disappointed to hear that our train to Seattle was canceled due to a mudslide, but a bus would get us there. A few hours later, we were in Seattle, Washington.

The Seattle Space Needle.
Seattle Cityscape.

We stayed at a 100- year -old luxurious hotel in Uptown Seattle called the Marqueen.

The lobby of the Marqueen Hotel.
The staircase took us to our room.

We had an overnight stay here at the Marqueen before we went back to the Seattle Union Station Amtrak station in the morning to catch the train to Vancouver, Canada.

We enjoyed our stay at the Marqueen Hotel. This old hotel has vintage beauty around every corner. Because of its age, there wasn’t an elevator, but the bellhops helped us with our luggage. There were restaurants close by and a coffeemaker in the room. We were set!

Seattle Union Station Amtrak Station

An Uber got us to Union Station on time to catch the Amtrack Train to Vancouver, Canada.

Our train to Vancouver was on time as well. The proper authorities checked our passports, and our tickets were given to us. We wanted to board the train as quickly as possible to sit on the side where we could see the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound.

Inside Union Station.
People waiting for their train.
We were thrilled to be on the train and we got the seats we wanted. The train was clean and quite comfortable.

We have wanted to try the Amtrak train, and we are happy to say that we enjoyed it very much! We would travel this way again.

There was so much to see out our window.

Every so often we would see a sea lion! Even Bald Eagles would be perched close by.
A ferry preparing to dock.

Beautiful farmland was seen out our window as well.

Vancouver Canada

Vancouver was beautiful.

We stayed in a lovely part of town.

Our hotel. A lovely place to stay.

Chinatown was very close to our Hotel and we enjoyed a great meal before heading back to the USA the next day.

It was quite an adventure. We enjoyed Vancouver very much.

But it is always wonderful to get home.

This adventure was a whirlwind of a trip. Our goal was to see Oregon and its gorgeous coast and ride the Amtrak train. Both were on our bucket lists. We enjoyed both very much and hope to take pleasure in both again.

Thank You

As I always try to convey… we certainly appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what this upcoming week brings to you. And whatever you have planned… make every day count and be thankful for your Blessings. Stay safe out there my friends!