Road Trip Anyone? Tuesday Tidbits #102

You may call it a Get-Away, a Short Stay Away, a Vacay or a Road Trip. But whatever you call it… We Just Did It!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Tuesday Tidbits!

We here in America are having an important election today, where we cast our vote. Prayers for our wonderful Nation. But here at Two Trails One Road I’ll give you a bit of a break from the Election News. So…

Let’s go on a Road Trip to Utah!

Like many areas of our great nation… the scenery changes due to elevation, geological circumstances and temperatures.

One minute we were surrounded by saguaros in Arizona…

The next minute we were in the Joshua Tree Forest.

And then all of a sudden all vegetation was gone but these beautiful rugged mountains of various hues were in our sights.

Now I’m sure you are wondering where are we headed on this Road Trip??

To an amazing and beautiful place called…

Zion National Park …in Utah!

It was breath taking around every single corner.

We were in awe the entire time we were in the park. It’s an incredible place that needs to be seen. Please put this on your bucket list.

And as we were leaving the park the sun was setting in front of us. However, there were people parked on the side of the road taking pictures pointing behind us. So I turned around and told sweet man to pull over quickly because the Moon was coming up over Zion!

Photo taken with my iPhone.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop and visit!